[HELPFUL TIPS] Where to stay in Munich during the Global Convention
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[HELPFUL TIPS] Where to stay in Munich during the Global Convention
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Are you looking forward to your trip to Germany for the most important event this year? With our advice, it will become even more pleasant and convenient!

Find secrets of perfect housing in our article!  

As you remember, the Global Convention 2017 this year will be held in the Munich’s Westin Grand Munich Hotel.

Of course, you can stay at this very hotel, but why limit yourself only to it?

Let's see which services suggest good deals!


A real classics of our time and, perhaps, the first thing that comes to one’s mind when thinking about "finding accommodation online." This is a proven option which embraces more than 1,435,000 hotels around the world, and surely Munich’s are among them. More than 20 years of work in the market is an excellent proof of this service’s reliability and convenience.

Here's what you can currently find on this website in the price range from 50 to 100 EUR (August 24th, 2017):

And what is cool is that this is just a couple of available options! Within the budget of 50-200 EUR there are 638 all in all!

Have a look at these accommodation items of 200+ EUR:

Have you found Westin Grand Muniсh among them too?


  • secure payments

  • instant booking

  • options of free cancelation and booking management

  • wide price-and-quality range

  • detailed search filters

  • multilingual platform

  • variety of bonuses, hot deals, and discounts


  • small selection of apartments, hotel-oriented service

  • prepayment or holding of funds might be required

  • cancellation charges may apply

  • you may need a credit card (not a debit card) to book accommodation

  • some customers complain about negative reviews being deleted from the website


An excellent aggregator of offers from leading booking platforms which allows you not to waste time on a hectic search and compare data from different sites in one place. HotelsCombined works with Booking, Expedia, Hotels.com, Agoda, Venere and many others, and is the proud owner of the World's Leading Hotel Comparison Website 2016 and Trusted Service Awards.

Here's what its interface looks like:

As we can see, for each accommodation variant all offers from different suppliers and platforms are reflected with the possibility to choose the most advantageous one.


  • best price guarantee (you will be even given the difference in price if you find the same accomodation cheaper)

  • convenient search and filter system

  • convenient display of all offers for a particular hotel

  • many hot deals

  • wide price-and-quality range

  • instant booking

  • multilingual platform


  • given the nature of the site, all responsibility for the fulfillment of obligations is taken by suppliers of the offers


The fundamental difference of this platform is that it unites those who rent and lease out private housing. It can be a room, an apartment, a bed & breakfast or a giant villa: the total number of options has already exceeded 3,000,000. There are sections on this website devoted to impressions and tips about places of interest, entertainment and hospitality.

The user-friendly interface allows to quickly evaluate the interiors, cost, and location.

To the right of the panel with images there is a map where you can immediately see the location of a particular housing.


  • wide price-and-quality range

  • opportunity to communicate with local people who can give valuable advice about sights, cuisine and much more

  • variety of payment methods, including local currencies and electronic wallets

  • very affordable options

  • more personal approach

  • more convenient and more profitable to accommodate a large company (especially if you are traveling to the Global Convention together with your team).


  • in order to rent a housing, you have to contact its owner and to enter into correspondence

  • the time of arrival and the transfer of keys shall be agreed personally with a host

  • payment difficulties or issues about security deposit may occur

  • there are many nuances in the rules of booking and rent

  • a host may refuse to accommodate you


Many people use this site when searching for restaurants and entertainment, appreciating it for honest feedback and interactivity. However, Tripadvisor is much more than just a venue for sharing opinions about food: being an aggregator, it combines a whole range of services from searching hotels and flights to car rental.

You can get some "hot" deals for a set destination: a package of plane tickets and accommodation.

When searching, all available offers from different dealers and sites - Booking, Agoda, Expedia, etc. – are displayed for each variant at once, which allows comparing alternatives and choosing the optimal one.


  • wide price-and-quality range

  • convenient search and filter system

  • convenient display of all offers for a particular hotel

  • variety of hot deals

  • reliable reviews and an interactive rating system

  • good “package” deals

  • all aspects of a trip can be arranged on one website: flights, transfers, accommodation


  • all responsibility for the fulfillment of obligations is taken by suppliers of the offers

We hope that our tips have been useful to you. Don’t limit yourself, choose the best, plan ahead!

See you at the Global Convention soon!

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Published: 30.08.2017
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