History of Global InterGold “Great Heart” medal
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History of Global InterGold “Great Heart” medal
Global InterGold

We continue the chain of good by telling about people who deserve to get to the pedestal of honor and receive the “Great Heart" award.

Read our article and watch the video to learn about the history of the medal and about those who will get it. 

In the inner world of man kindness is the sun”

Victor Hugo

Kindness illuminates the world

Kindness, empathy, and genuine joy for others create the basis of human happiness. Good deeds illuminate our way like a beacon during a storm. We believe that compassionate people who are ready to help and support at a difficult moment deserve gratitude, attention and awards.

History of the “Great Heart” medal

We are ready to talk about the heroes of our time whose hearts are beating to help others. Our mission is to introduce you to them and reward these caring and kind people for all their useful deeds. That is why we have designed our medal to show how priceless the words and deeds of people with great hearts are.

The “Great Heart” medal — supreme Global InterGold’s award

Who will get the award

We will bestow our highest award upon those who share our values, help others relentlessly and have enough energy for loved ones, colleagues and friends. These wonderful and warm people help us find the strength to live, stand tall and believe in a good world.

The awarding ceremony will take place at the major event of the year for all company’s clients:


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Published: 09.08.2017
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