How are Global InterGold-branded gold bars produced
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1oz. 1321.00 EUR
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How are Global InterGold-branded gold bars produced

For 7 years of work in the market, we have grown from a small company to an international online store where anyone can buy gold at an affordable price. One of the turning points in the history of Global InterGold was the production of branded gold bars.

Despite gold rates, fluctuations in prices and changes in labor markets, customers from anywhere in the world can afford building up gold reserves. The GoldSet marketing program makes it possible by allowing to buy gold bars at 5-15% of their real value.

Today, gold bars with the GIG logo have become an important specimen in clients’ collections. Especially for them, we have developed GoldSet Global Smart and GoldSet Global Pro orders which not only allow customers to earn coveted gold bars but also open up new opportunities for the marketing program.

The price of gold keeps growing in the long term. And we are happy to offer you the most sought-after product!   

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Published: 25.09.2017
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