How do the new and gleaming Global InterGold gold watches look like?
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How do the new and gleaming Global InterGold gold watches look like?
Global InterGold

The crowded schedule of important business people makes indispensable to wear a watch to control and manage their business at their best – but of course, not just any watch. In the business world image matters as much as skills and watches tell everything about their owners: status, taste, lifestyle, profession.

The Global InterGold Online Gold Shop does not only care about the financial side of the business – also about the image of its clients. That is why Global InterGold management will grant branded gold watches to the clients getting the leadership status and advancing in their careers.

Limited edition, waterproof, stainless steel, gold plated cases, genuine leather straps and Swarovski crystals create the perfect watch as well as symbol of the gold business elite.

Watches are an essential part of our image and as such we must take care of it. The Global InterGold gold watches prove you belong in the elite of gold business and have created a strong an ambitious team with noteworthy results.

The Global InterGold leaders deserve the best!

For your business to run like clockwork, keep working and sooner than later you will find this stylish and exclusive watch in your hands!


With gold, time is on your side!

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Published: 30.09.2015
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