How does GoldSet Global PRO work?
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How does GoldSet Global PRO work?
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What are the main advantages of the GoldSet Global PRO order?

GoldSet Global Pro is fast and professional income for serious businessmen.

Main features of the GoldSet Global Pro order:

  • The order is placed for GIG-branded investment gold bars issued by Global InterGold’s special request. This is a whole new business level!
  • Profit is accrued after the closing of each section and not only for the full completion of the table. This means that the income can be received much faster and more often: three times within the same table!
  • Together with GoldSet Global Pro, you can simultaneously place a GoldSet Global Smart order and receive prompt income from two orders at once
  • Prepayment is only 450 euros, and you can earn a total of 7,000 euros by completing one order
  • There is an extra option available: “Start a new table upon closing a section”. It allows to start an independent table to work with your team independently from other clients

Our leaders know how to get the most out of each order and how to use their advantages to the maximum.

This video from the Grand Leader Vitaly Borovyk will reveal his professional secrets: 

Would you like to place a GoldSet Global PRO order?

[Hesitate no more!]

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Published: 12.07.2017
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