How does the environment affect my success?
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How does the environment affect my success?
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"Surround yourself with only those people who will raise you up higher. Life is full of those people who can pull you down"

George Clooney

Each of us has his own social circle. People that become part of a personal environment affects our way of thinking and doing greatly, in fact, the impact is far greater than we can imagine.


Who is beside me?

The environment has a powerful impact on human thinking and behavior. You have most likely met common types of losers who wasted their lives on night clubs and bars or fellow whiners who are always unhappy about everything. Perhaps you are surrounded by neighbors who complain about the tenants for no reason.

If a person is part of an inappropriate environment, it gets harder for him/her to move on to the next stage of personal development, achieve success and well-being.

Brian Tracy, a renowned expert in psychology of success:

"If you want to fly with eagles, do not roll in a turkey company."

People who do not believe in your abilities to achieve high results do not consider you to be the winner and do not add value to your life, limit your potential and restrain your aspirations. The views of unsuccessful people cause a negative impact on your actions and dictate a certain pattern of behavior that moves you further away from achieving goals.

Many don’t have self-confidence, are dissatisfied with life and often experience material difficulties, have loans and outstanding debts, they have no clear goals and methods for their implementation. They live in a state of stress and cannot ensure a decent future for themselves and their families. Lack of Financial Security immerses these people into a state of total despair and inaction.

By socializing with such people, you end up in a risk group. You can "catch" the LFS Virus if you do not know the effective methods of counteraction.


Who forms us?

It is important to surround yourself with those people who support your ideas and endeavors rather than drown them in doubt. People who share your goals and see opportunities to achieve them should be beside you.

Robert Kiyosaki, an American businessman, investor, motivational speaker:

"An intelligent person hires people who are more intelligent than he/she is."

If you want to succeed in life and achieve high results in business, socialize with those who are more experienced than you. Choose your environment wisely, since it is an indicator of your success. Let there be a few such people, but their presence in your life will serve as a great support system for future achievements. You will succeed if you are close to those who aspire to victory.


With whom should we move towards the achievement of the goal?

Yet achieving success on your own is difficult, because it is impossible for a person to cope with the realities of a modern global economy on one’s own. Financial Security can be effectively built only in a group of like-minded people who persistently strive to achieve a common goal. The overall success of the group depends on each member’s productive actions. Global InterGold created such a group.

If you have a well-defined goal, but you do not know how to improve financial effectiveness and do not have the right tools for running a business, our company is ready to help you to achieve high results.

Dmitriy Aksyonov, President of Global InterGold:

"Financial Security is the main goal of our company that allows us to improve the quality of life of our clients and helps our clients to live comfortably and happily in the present moment without fear of their future."

When we speak of Financial Security, we mean the state of well-being and stability in which all vital interests of a person are fully protected, with no threats to the survival of one’s family.

Joint actions in strengthening Financial Security give confidence in the future, and economic threats can no longer cause you any material damage.

Our international team helps to combat the LFS Virus and eliminate its consequences.

Together, we will develop a profitable business that makes people happy.


Join the list of successful and prosperous clients of Global InterGold!



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Published: 29.08.2018
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Верно написано !
Aug 29
Lyubov Filippova
Lyubov Filippova
Полностью согласна это сильнейший инструмент для работы. Все скопировала и составлю презу. Спасибо.
Nov 02
muchas gracias por los consejos me ayudaran mucho.
Nov 17
Fermando M.
Fermando M.
Excelente y muy acertada información, gracias por compartirla.
Jun 19