How many hours do you have in 2017 to accomplish all your financial goals?
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How many hours do you have in 2017 to accomplish all your financial goals?
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A year is enough to start and develop your own business till it brings you 7,000 EUR monthly. And this is not actually the limit.

How not to waste your time? How to get down to work after holidays? Here you have some useful tips!

There are 8,760 hours in 365 days.

A person sleeps an average of 2,920 hours a year.

Around 912 hours or more are spent on self-care.

Other activities, like flying, take around 730 hours.

Not to mention eating, which takes 1,095 hours of our time.

We also recommend you not to spend less than 1,278 hours with your loved ones.

Now, let's calculate.

Subtract 6,935 from 8,760. You will have 1,825 hours to spend on achieving your goals. Less than you need for sleeping and twice as much as you need for self-care. And of course, everybody wants some hours left for parties and holidays.

But how not to waste the remaining time? How to start, develop your own business, and take pride in your results by the end of the year?

Set goals. Achieve them.

Moving forward is a decision that oneself has to take.

But we can help you doing so in 2017.

If you achieve your goals together with us, you will be helping us too.

Let's start with one small step:

Take a notebook and write down your plans right now. This is something everybody should be doing.

For example, write 3 goals down to fulfill during the first 2 weeks of the new year; such as signing up for English language lessons, making a list of 100 potential customers to contact, ordering business cards, etc. Anything can bring you closer to your goals and higher income.

The next step is to actually make those goals happen. Once they are accomplished, the same process is repeated.

This way, you will gradually but easily develop your business, expand your structure, and increase your income.

Time is a precious and limited resource. Spend your 1,825 hours wisely by turning your time into gold!


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Published: 02.01.2017
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