How to become a Global InterGold leader and build a career up in the gold business?
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How to become a Global InterGold leader and build a career up in the gold business?
Global InterGold

In order for a client to become a Global InterGold leader, it is necessary to meet the following conditions of the GoldSet marketing incentives program's Section 3.6. “Terms of Leadership remuneration”:

  • To place a GoldSet Standard, GoldSet Goldline, or GoldSet Global Pro order;

  • To invite at least two clients on the first and second level and get the first reward;

  • To help them invite at least two more clients each;

  • To make sure that each of those clients receives reward units themselves.

Help customers from your structure to develop their gold businesses properly and confidently!

But how to exploit your potential to become a real leader?

1) Determination

Even if everything is moving in the right direction, aim higher! You may feel successful already, but surpassing your own achievements implies much more than simply holding to what is “just” good when you can aspire to what is better. Are you on the 1st level? Excellent start! Now, move forward!

Motivating yourself constitutes an important part of the process too. You can treat yourself with simple self-gifts after reaching a new level, for example. As you aim higher, get better gifts! The main idea here is that the bigger your accomplishments, the greater your rewards.

2) Decision-making and planning

Lead the way. One of the defining qualities of a leader is the ability to make independent decisions. In order to make decisions as confidently as possible, plan your next moves or activities in advance. For example, if your goal is to make 2 successful recommendations a week, create a schedule for meeting your potential clients. You can do the same with any of the business-related activities you carry out; such as organizing and conducting a webinar.

3) Tranquility

We deal with stress and difficulties every day, but leaders must stay in one piece when others collapse. This quality must be in yourself too, but how? Try to avoid negativity in your life. For instance, smile more often, listen to positive music, watch motivational videos, or read self-improvement books.

Note that you should give yourself a break if a situation is very stressful. Taking a deep breath and slowly counting to 10 is an instant injection of relaxation.

4) Confidence

Confidence is key to succeed! With confidence you can accomplish more than you think. Believe in yourself, spread the word about Global InterGold business convincingly, and you will easily gain the trust of your potential customers. But how to gain self-confidence? Repeat to yourself that you are capable of everything. Say it out loud: “I can achieve every goal!”

5) Action

Dreams are just dreams, or future plans if you wish. However, if you step into action, you will materialize them. Self-develop and try new ways of doing things. Remember that nothing new comes out of the old. If you want more, you have to do more!


What do Global InterGold's top leaders have to say about Leadership?

According to the most successful clients of the company, leaders are reliable people who help others to run their businesses and work professionally following ethical principles.

Gain leadership skills and you will be rewarded generously by the company for your great results!


With dreams, gold, and Global InterGold, you can achieve success in business and have plenty of free time for your family and to enjoy what this world offers”

Gino F. Italy

Do not forget about the business development platform actively used by our leaders: Leave your contact information there so that new customers can find you.

Become a leader and never stop self-developing and improving. If you are walking the path of leadership, you will accomplish anything.

Step into action right now!

We would like to remind you that special changes were implemented to the Global InterGold Leadership Program on September 1st to increase our customers' income and their working efficiency. More details are available here.

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Published: 12.09.2016
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