How to turn failures into success?
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How to turn failures into success?
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Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

Winston Churchill

Defeats and failures represent crucial stages in the formation of a successful person. Goal-oriented people can find a way out of a difficult situation and turn their failures into success. They manage to change their lives for the better. Such people perceive tests and difficulties as the next stage of their growth and stay strong no matter what.

We tell the stories of famous people who have achieved fame, wealth and high status in society by overcoming life obstacles and difficulties.


Camera-man Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg is one of the most talented directors of our time. But his path to success was not easy.

Deciding to become a director, young Spielberg applied to the Film School at the University of Southern California (faculty of cinematography). But he was turned down twice because of his low entrance exam grades.

As a gift from his father, Steven received a compact 8-mm camera, with which he did not part even for a minute. The acquaintances gave him the nickname "camera-man". In his free time, he shot short films, one of which drew the attention of Universal Pictures studio’s producers. So, Steven embarked upon the path of fame.

Steven Spielberg never stopped dreaming of a director's career. The failures did not break him. He was able to defeat the circumstances and succeed.

"If one day, you are planning to create something great, remember: that one day is today."

Steven Spielberg


"Die Hard" Bruce Willis

While he was a child, Bruce Willis used to stutter really bad. Speech impediment kept him from communicating with people and lowered self-esteem. Bruce firmly decided to overcome his problem.

In the eighth grade, he asked for a role in a school theatrical production. Every time Bruce went on stage, the stutter was gone! The young man realized that the scene was his cure. For several months, he was able to overcome the defect of speech completely.

A novice actor participated in various television projects and draw the attention of producers. The man was invited to star in several action films that made him world-famous. He got the reputation of the charismatic hero-loner. He became one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood.

Bruce Willis has proved that he was able to cope with his problem and successfully pursue the profession. Perseverance and determination led him to fame and success.

"When you have a hard time, there are two options: obey or walk through fire."

Bruce Willis


King of horrors Stephen King

The name of American writer Stephen King is invariably linked with horror fiction. This is a literary genre that has the aim to cause the reader a sense of fear.

The first edition of King's work was the novel "Carrie", which was turned down for publication as many as 30 times! King was ready to throw the manuscript away, but his wife did not allow him to do so. She believed her talented husband will seek the world’s recognition. As a result, one popular publishing house drew attention to King's novel. Thus, the world triumph of the "King" of horror began.

Thanks to his own resilience and support from the one he loved, Stephen King did not fall into despair and did not give up. Patience and perseverance have led to a well-deserved result.

Over 350 million copies of King's books have been sold around the world. Many feature films and TV series were made based on his books.

"If you have a spark, most likely, people will see its glow in the dark sooner or later. And if you inflate this spark, one day it will burn with a huge, blazing fire."

Stephen King


You will succeed!

Obstacles and difficulties didn’t stop Steven Spielberg, Bruce Willis, Stephen King on their way to their goals. They strove to achieve the goal and followed their dreams. These people managed to achieve a high position in society due to their faith in victory and the ability to overcome the trials. Resilience, perseverance and diligence helped them to prosper and become wealthy.

In his philosophical writings, the ancient Greek thinker Aristippus of Cyrene devoted his attention to these personal qualities, considering them crucial to succeed.

We studied the heritage of Aristippus and concluded that his wise advice helps modern people to solve problems and avoid defeats. The teachings of the visionary philosopher were included in a set of guidelines – the "Aristippus’ Code."

If you follow the guidelines of the Code,

you will be able to improve the quality of your life and increase your personal income.

Global InterGold strives to give its clients confidence in their future and open the road to stability and prosperity.

We're paving a safe way for you to have a comfortable and happy life.

Succeed with Global InterGold!

Take a look at the exclusive collection "Aristippus’ Gold."

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Published: 31.10.2018
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Nicolai ricco e libero team principe
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