Human life: Stress vs Confidence
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Human life: Stress vs Confidence
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A dangerous fallacy persists that a constant stress is a natural human condition. Stress has become an integral part of modern society. We witness the instability of the economic system, military conflicts and threats, political games, corruption, and other factors that make a person's life more alarming and restless.

Stress = Lack of Financial Security (LFS)

The lack of financial security is the INABILITY of a person to confront existing and emerging dangers and threats: dismissal, loss of income, inflation, etc.

This "virus" has spread across the whole planet and continues its victorious procession, dragging more and more victims into its networks. The fact is that most people and families on our planet (alike most governments) live in debt and fail to balance their expenses and incomes.

Many people argue that it is impossible to do anything with the Lack of Financial Security Virus, but we are sure that this is just a dangerous fallacy.

Confidence = Financial Security

First of all, financial security is the absence of danger; the absence of any threats. Security is the ABILITY of a person to protect vital interests: home, work, hobbies, social circle and everything that gives a person pleasure in life.

We carefully studied the area of financial security. Being one of the world experts in this field, we affirm that financial security is a matter of human ABILITIES.

What needs to be done?

In his video message on 25.04.2018, the President of the company Dmitriy Aksyonov revealed what needs to be done to achieve Financial Security.


"The practice of financial security is not about earning or not earning money. It's also not about spending money or not spending money.

The practice of financial security lies in a specific and reasonable way of doing things."

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Published: 14.05.2018
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Nicolai ricco e libero team principe
Nicolai ricco e libero team principe
Siamo una grande family.
May 22
Просто правильная информация и доступное восприятие
May 23
Àngeline Kundi
Àngeline Kundi
Absolutely! I actually need financial security. Thanks for the awesome message.
Jun 07