Barcelona's 10 Best-Kept Secrets. Visit the city with Global InterGold!

There is no limit to the adventures and quality leisure time that Barcelona can offer. After reading this article, it will be practically impossible to resist the temptation to just pack your bag and hop onto a plane!


1. Selfie time!

Barcelona is the 3rd most photographed city in the world after New York and Rome. What are you waiting for? You can also have a photo in this beautiful place!

Are you a beach or a mountain person? In both cases, Barcelona is the perfect place for you.


2. Ideally located in the Mediterranean coast, the city is also surrounded by mountains where you can find amusement parks, botanic gardens and amazing temples. Not to mention the splendid view.


3. You have 7 beaches in Barcelona to find your favorite spot to sunbathe and to take a dip in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean sea.


4. The city that never sleeps.

Too excited to go to sleep? Dance the night away in a disco by the sea! Barcelona is famous for its vibrant nightlife right in the city’s beating heart. You can find all sorts of bars and pubs offering music for every taste.


5. World-Class Architecture

The famous architect Antonio Gaudi made sure Barcelona became a true feast for the eyes. The city landscape is peppered with his Art Nouveau buildings which add an original touch to this cosmopolitan city.

How come Sagrada Familia is one of the most known buildings in the world if it is not even finished? Go and find out why. Guaranteed to turn heads!


6. Cultural life

The city prides itself on having a great cultural life: museums, theaters, operas, concert halls, etc. If you'd rather stay outside, walk down the Rambla and enjoy all kind of street performances!

At night, the magic continues. Barcelona's Magic Fountain of Montjuic is an explosion of light and color sure to impress everyone!


7. Gastronomy

The best tapas' restaurant is around every corner! The Mediterranean cuisine boasts a wide variety of dishes, including fresh seafood.

Business requires energy and Spanish food is considered as one of the healthiest worldwide. Besides, Barcelona is the birthplace of innovative cuisine world-renowned chefs.


8. Pilgrimage destination for football fans!

Camp Nou is the largest football stadium in Europe and home of FC Barcelona, the second most valuable sports team in the world. Do not miss out the museum with all their trophies!


9. Statistics speak

According to many researches, Barcelona is the happiest city in Europe and the 3rd in the world. As if that was not enough, the city is the 6th city in the world with best reputation and a huge magnet for tourism.


10. In Barcelona, you choose

Whether you choose to go for an active holiday, or to relax, Barcelona is your destination. The city enchants visitors with a wealth of opportunities, a festive atmosphere and a warm welcome for its guests.

There are plenty of reasons to love the city. Go and find yours!

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Created: 15.07.2016
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