The number of rich people in the world is growing

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Wealth-X has analyzed the global welfare of the world's population. According to the data, the number of ultra-wealthy people worldwide has increased significantly over the past decade.


The number of rich people and their capital

According to Wealth-X, there are 2,3 million multimillionaires in the world, with the capital of $23 trillion.

255,000 people with a capital of $30-50 million are classified as ultra-rich, having a net worth of $31 trillion. 

The number of ultra-wealthy people in different regions of the world in 2016.


Top cities by number of millionaires

Based on the results for 2017, the top three ultra-wealthy cities are:

1. Hong Kong – 10 000 people

2. New York – 8 900 people

3. Tokyo – 6 800 people

7,4 million people live in Hong Kong, 1 million of whom are millionaires.

The number of New Yorkers with a net worth ranging from $30 to $50 million increased by 7% in 2017: nearly 100 billionaires live in New York.

In the capital of Japan, there are about 16 billionaires with a cumulative capital of $71 billion.


Top countries by number of millionaires

In the ranking of countries with ultra-wealthy population, the United States are in the lead – more than 79 000 people with a net worth of $30-$50 million. Japan is on the second place – 18 000 ultra-wealthy people. China occupies the third place – 17 000 people.

Last year, Asian countries showed the fastest growth of ultra-wealthy population: India, Bangladesh and Vietnam. The second place in terms of increase in ultra-wealth for 2017 is occupied by Latin America and Caribbean. Countries of the Pacific Rim are on the third place.

According to Wealth-X experts, the number of rich people on the planet will increase to 360 000 people by 2021, while their capital is projected to grow to $44 trillion.

The increase in the number of billionaires in the world since 2012 and the expected increase of ultra-wealthy population by 2021 (according to Wealth-X report).


Men represent the majority of the ultra-wealthy population with a net worth ranging from $30 to $50 million – 220 000 people. The number of wealthy women has increased significantly in recent years – 35 000 by 2017.

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Gold means wealth 

Many millionaires made their fortune on gold – the most profitable asset of the XXI century.

Ultra-wealthy people worldwide rely on gold steadily increasing their gold reserves. Recently, billionaire George Soros sold a third of his shares and invested money in gold that he regards as a reliable protection from financial turmoil and the global stock market crash.

Raymond Dalio, an American businessman and founder of Bridgewater Associates, the world's largest hedge fund, encourages to keep most of the assets in gold. The billionaire is confident that gold is the best insurance against economic risks.

The yellow metal occupies a stable position in the global economy and won’t ever devalue. Gold is the foundation of Financial Security, the key to independence and peace of mind.

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Created: 10.01.2019
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