Will the Renaissance of Gold continue in 2019?

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The purchase of gold

In Europe, a growing number of people want to buy gold. In 2019, a quarter of investors in the largest EU countries are planning to increase gold reserves by at least 10 thousand euros.

Buyers in Italy, Germany and the UK view gold as an effective investment and an opportunity to preserve their savings.

Experts say that the global demand for gold will increase further in the year ahead.


China is the world's leading importer of gold

In the world’s largest countries, the attitude towards gold is changing. The value of the metal increases, including gold production, as well as import and export of gold.

In 2018, China became the world leader in terms of the amount of purchased gold – citizens of the Celestial Empire have purchased 165,9 tons of gold jewelry.

The country imported 988 tons of gold from Hong Kong, Switzerland, the UK, Australia and Singapore – an increase by 211 tons, or 27%, compared to the last year.

If the Chinese national currency continues to depreciate, country’s residents will increase their investments in gold even more to secure their savings.


India maintains interest in gold

In this country, gold has always been valued and cherished. Indian traditions are intertwined with this noble metal. Hindus receive gold at birth, accumulate it throughout their lives and give it to the dearest ones.

In the third quarter of 2018, the demand for gold in India increased by 56,7%, as jewelers bought up jewels in large quantities.

During the same period, India imported 217,5 tons of gold.

Investment demand increased by 2%, reaching 27 tons.

Next year, the government plans to invest in the development of the most valuable gold deposits in the state.

India is currently the 11th largest holder of gold in the world.


America prefers gold

This year, the demand for jewelry in the United States has increased. The production of gold jewelry increased by 11% to 37,9 tons.

Sales in the jewelry industry grew by 9,6%. In August, a peculiar record was set: $2,53 billion dollars’ worth of jewelry has been sold in stores.

Industrial demand for gold products reached 18 tons in the third quarter of 2018.

In 2018, the gold reserves of the US state amounted to 8133,5 tons.

60 countries still store their gold reserves in the United States.


Germany invests in gold mining

The Earth’s crust contains 0,003 ppm (parts per million) of gold. In Europe, 35-40 tons of gold are mined annually.

This precious metal has been recognized both as an “anti-crisis asset” and a “safe haven”. Global experts highly regard the gold market, appreciating the growing interest in gold.

In Germany, in the third quarter of 2018, gold production investments have increased by 17%, amounting to 21 tons. 1,5 tons of gold coins were produced in German mints.

According to statistics, the citizens of Germany keep 8,672 tons of gold at home.

According to the Central Bank Gold Agreements, Germany is prohibited from selling vast amounts of gold.


Russia increases its gold reserves

This is not the first year when Russia leads among the top buyers of gold. Over 11 months of 2018, 223 tons of gold were purchased. In terms of gold reserves, Russia ranks fifth in the world after the United States, Germany, Italy and France.


Is gold worth buying?

Gold has been valued 5000 years ago and within the context of today’s reality, hasn’t lost its appeal. For those who want to make long-term investments, this is a great way to secure savings.

The following arguments speak in favor of gold: the price of gold grows, maintaining its value, the metal does not depreciate, hence the investments will accumulate over time.

That is the reason why the largest countries and ordinary people increase their gold reserves annually.

Experts forecast a rise in the cost of the noble metal in 2019 and encourage storing 5-10% of the assets in gold.

Analysts keep a positive outlook for gold in 2019. The slowdown of the economic growth in the United States, the weakening of the dollar and rising inflation – these are the three core factors that will strengthen the position of gold.


The purchase of gold is your step for ensuring Financial Security!

We will help you make this first step!




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Created: 05.12.2018
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