[IMPORTANT] Details on Global InterGold's office opening in Geneva
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[IMPORTANT] Details on Global InterGold's office opening in Geneva

Dear clients,

We keep on improving our business and expanding the company’s structure in order to be closer to you, provide better services and boost your business development.

The opening of the representative office in Geneva will be the most significant event of the year for all of us.

It is a decisive step to accomplish our goals!

Geneva represents new opportunities for rapid business development

Geneva is one of the largest centers of international gold trading, which focuses on private banking and financial services. Every year, this Swiss city strengthens its position in the global arena.

The World Gold Council was founded there in 1987 to promote investment gold. Nowadays, the Council's office is located in London just as Global InterGold’s administrative office.

The opening of the office in Geneva will allow us to boost the company’s development. This is only the beginning of lots of more offices to be opened!

Inauguration in early May

The signing of agreements with our Swiss partners and the inauguration of the office are planned for May 2nd-5th. The company's management will take all necessary measures to ensure that our customers can make use of the new office as soon as possible.

What does the opening of the office in Geneva mean for clients?

  • New partners to enhance gold delivery

  • New payment methods to accelerate funds withdrawal

  • New possibilities to open more representative offices around the world

  • New venue to arrange business seminars and meetings

Together with a convenient location, Geneva's office facilities will open up a whole new world of possibilities.

You will be able to visit the office in May! Be sure to schedule a visit in advance!

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Publication date: 2017-03-08 09:13