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In pursuit of high income: Grand Summer Voyage 2016 Competition!

The Grand Summer Voyage 2016 Competition began on 15 October and the first results have already been published! Results and the list of potential winners will be published weekly until 1 June. So don't sit idly by!

Grand Summer Voyage 2016 Competition is the perfect motivation to develop your business. You continue developing your rewarding business and additionally have the chance to win an outstanding award: an unforgettable Summer cruise.

Global InterGold acknowledges and appreciates the high contribution to the gobal gold business by the most active clients, and thus awards them!

Grand Summer Voyage 2016, the competition where everybody wins!

It is a great time to achieve new records!

Don't put off until tomorrow your victories and personal growth!

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Who is going to set off for the Grand Summer Voyage 2016? Become a real winner!

Take action!

Publication date: 2015-11-30 10:56