In the world full of debts, crisis and sanctions, is there a way out?
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In the world full of debts, crisis and sanctions, is there a way out?
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Gold is considered a profitable and reliable investment. Financial experts say that now is the most favorable time to buy gold.

Let's find out the answers to the most popular questions about gold.


1. What are the cost predictions of precious metal based on?

The analysis of prices for the past years shows the growth dynamics of gold cost.

For example, let's review the figures for the last few years:

2016 — the price of an ounce of gold went up from $1,060 to $1,150.

2017 — the price of an ounce of gold went up from $1,158 to $1,303.

2018 — the record price for the year — $1,354 per ounce of gold.

Managers of the world's largest banks believe that the biggest leap was recorded in 2010. The price of gold rose to $1,421 per ounce.

Perhaps this record will be beaten in the near future. Financiers predict gold price growth by 15-20% in several months of this year.

In the first week of March, the cost of an ounce of gold went up from $1,286 to $1,292.

On 11 March 2019, the cost of an ounce was $1,296.


2. Why do experts have confidence in increasing the growth of demand for gold?

In 2020, analysts predict a shift in the cost of gold towards significant growth. The uncertainty of political factors, trade tension, reduction of consumer trust — all these factors contribute to slowing the growth of the world economy. Brexit*, growing barriers between countries and the policy of the European Central Bank increase the world demand for gold.


3. How does Brexit affect interest in gold?

The upcoming UK's withdrawal from the EU has drawn heightened attention to gold. Experts of the world-famous company Sharps Pixley confirm the hyped demand for the precious metal. According to analysts of the British company, there are 2 tonnes of gold in the form of coins and investment bullions in the territory of the UK. In case of Force Majeure in the country, the gold will be bought out in a day.

The deficit of gold in the UK can be provoked by the actions of European politicians.

The increased attention to gold is justified — the reserves of yellow metal on Earth are declining, and it is a sign of serious changes in the world market of precious metals.


4. What awaits gold in the future?

Experienced professionals foresee the growth of precious metal. By studying the peculiarities of the market and taking into account all economic factors, they confidently predict a surge of interest in gold.

Chantelle Schieven Research Head, Murenbeeld & Co.:

"We insist that gold is very likely to reach the mark of USD 1,400 in the second half of 2019."


Benjamin Lou, Analyst of Singapore's Phillip Futures:

"Gold is supported in the long run and the positive dynamics will soon recover."


Gold is the main guarantee

against economic uncertainty and instability.





*BREXIT — UK withdrawal from the European Union


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Published: 11.03.2019
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GR Cirillo Antonio
GR Cirillo Antonio
io non sono uno esperto nelle dinamiche del mercato dell'oro, ma riflettendo sulle analisi fin qui spiegate si capisce che a breve si potrebbero verificare delle enorme richieste di oro dal regno unito e di conseguenza un impennata del prezzo. quindi chi detiene scorte di oro vedra' il valore aumentare.
Mar 12
Andrea Rapisarda
Andrea Rapisarda
Bellissimo questo articolo fa capire l’importanza dell’oro, e spiega dettagliatamente da cosa è influenzato il suo valore.
Mar 12