Instructions on how to design a poster to attract people to your event

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The two main options to create a poster are as follows:

1) Use a poster generator/poster maker

For example, you can create a poster on www.canva.com, where you can easily log in via Gmail or Facebook and design a poster like this:

Find below other useful online sources for creating posters of high impact for your events:

2) Design the poster yourself

Online poster generators are the quickest option, but not always the best. You can always create your own poster design and make it unique and memorable.

There is no need for extended knowledge of graphic design; selecting an attractive background, such as the picture of a speaker, will be enough. Then, add the text.

Creating a poster: the answers to key questions

What is the most appropriate background?

The design of the background should fit the topic of the event. However, it should not have a very bright color or be overloaded with pictures, otherwise the reading might be troubled. The understanding of the information displayed is the most important role of the poster. You will agree that a beautiful design with a hardly readable text is of no use.

What is the best combination of colors?

Combining colors properly is key to making the text readable. A black-and-white text is the most convenient to read, but the poster might need more colors. We recommend you not to use color combinations such as green letters over a red background, for example. That combination will make the reading of your poster very difficult.

Find an example below of an easy-to-read poster:

Which font to choose?

Fonts reflect the formality of your event. If your event is formal, the font has to match that fact. If it is semi-formal on the other hand, use neutral-styled fonts. If your event involves entertainment, you can use a more casual font. The formatting will depend on the degree of formality that your event presents.

What information should be displayed on the poster?

The person looking at your poster should be able to quickly get the following information:

  • Name of the event

  • Format/style

  • Time and date

  • Location

  • Entry fee (if applicable)

Why? Because visual information is always better remembered than plain text. And if there is enough space, we would even recommend to repeat some of the details above once more on the poster.

The application form for registering your event in Global Events has a field designated for uploading the picture of the speaker(s) too. If you are posting information about your event on some other websites, you can use the picture of the speaker(s) as the background of your poster. This kind of visual information is very useful too because it helps attracting people's interest.

Do not limit your creativity when designing a poster for your Global InterGold event! But remember that making the information readable and easily accessible is what matters.

We wish you all the best in creating posters for Global Events and other online sources! May your conferences attract a wide audience and your webinars gather thousands of viewers!


Instructions on how to make an attractive event description on Global Events

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Created: 04.10.2016
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