Instructions on how to add events on the Global Events website
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Instructions on how to add events on the Global Events website

Create an online or offline event on site to increase its popularity among existing and potential customers of the Online Gold Shop.

Important! In order to use this promotion tool, fulfilling certain qualification is needed – invite two direct referrals having placed their respective orders.

After that, simply follow these steps:

1) Go to the Global Events website and click on "Add an event" in the upper right corner.

You will be redirected to the official website for authorization

2) Submit an application to create an event.

  • Fill in all the fields of the application form.

  • In the field "Link to the event", add the link for the webinar, to the event's page with description or to the page where to buy tickets.

  • The field “Poster” may comprise a picture of your country’s flag, speaker(s)’s photo, the name of the team, etc.

  • Fill the field “Event description” as attractively as possible. 

That text will determine the attendance of potential visitors to your event. Preferably, write about the valuable information participants will be able to obtain there and what else to expect.

  • Make sure that you have inserted the correct link.

After filling in all the fields required, click "Send"

3) Follow the status of your event right above the application form

4) Promote your event as soon as you receive the confirmation of its registration on the website.

How to promote an event?

Simply share the link in social networks and forums, or tell your acquaintances about it.

Use motivators on the event too. For example, post photos of the speakers, describe the topics of their speeches as the event approaches, or remind your audience about dates, venues, and other details.

Spread your event to as wide an audience as possible!

Global Events is a very effective promotion tool and a rich calendar full of Global InterGold's customers’ events.

Keep track of the events all over the world, attend them, or create your own!

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Published: 26.08.2016
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