Instructions on how to make an attractive event description on Global Events

The first thing you have to take into account when creating an event description is that it might be read by people who are unfamiliar with the business. For this reason,

→ Try to make the description of your event as suitable for different readers as possible.

Bear in mind that you know everything about your event and you might think that some things are obvious, but do not take anything for granted!

If you were a potential attendee, what kind of information would you like to see there?

If you feel doubtful towards any part when reading the description, there is something that most probably is not clear enough. In this case, paraphrasing the idea would be the solution.

I. Essential issues of an event description.

1) Target audience

Who is your webinar or conference addressed to? People with experience in network business, businessmen, unemployed people, students, pensioners,...? Shape your speech according to your target audience. Focus your contents on a particular kind of audience and this will assure their comprehension equally.

2) Goal

What would you like to achieve? What is the goal of your event? Have a defined goal in mind. For instance, "to gather 50 people and encourage at least 5 of them to become clients". Then you will have a clearer direction to follow and your activities will be correctly orientated.

In order to reach your goal, you will have to accomplish specific objectives, such as distributing business cards, organizing training sessions in groups and talking personally with each of them, answering as many questions as possible, etc.

II. Structure of your event description

Aspects to be mentioned in the description of your event:

1) Who is the event addressed to?

2) What will the attendees learn there?

3) How can they put into practice the knowledge they have gained?

4) Who will the speakers be?

5) How does your event differ from similar ones?

6) Will the attendees get any materials and/or gifts?

7) What is the slogan of your event? (A slogan will make your event easier to remember).

III. Checklist of details that require special attention

Once the description is ready, test it by answering these questions:

  1. Is the heading understandable?

  2. Is it clear what to expect in the event?

  3. Is there any piece of information that might be confusing?

  4. Will your readers understand what to do after reading it?

IV. Further tips to enhance the description of your event

  1. Once the description is written, check that it is suitable for different readers and do not take anything for granted.

  2. Reread it after some time.

  3. Ask some of your friends to read your description and get their feedback.

  4. Do not include the event program with details in your description. Firstly, because there is a separate field for that; and, secondly, because contacting your potential attendees and sending them the full program personally will encourage their attendance.

  5. Indicate whether the event is free of charge. If not, specify the entry fee.

  6. Read other event descriptions on Global Events and bring some ideas together.

V. Example of event description

(Informative sample)

"How to make money with gold without education" is an event for young and ambitious people ready to step into action and succeed in business. The goal of the event is to help young entrepreneurs to take their first steps in the gold business.


By attending this event, you will learn:

• What the gold business is;

• What its future outlook is like;

• How to start your own business with minimal cash outlay; and

• How to earn 7,000 EUR a month fast and easily.

And many more surprises! FREE Entrance!

Add these instructions to your bookmarks to keep them on hand.

We wish you to conduct a successful event!

Read and learn how to promote your event and attract a wide audience.

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Created: 27.09.2016
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