[Instructions to add to Bookmarks] How to promote your events and attract a wide audience

What will take more time: 100 individual meetings or one event bringing together 100 people? You don't need to have excellent time management skills to know the answer.

Save time and resources by organizing a webinar or a conference!

What to start with?

Firstly, ask yourself the following questions and write down the answers:

  1. Who would you like to attend your event? Businessmen, students, unemployed people, pensioners, workers, etc. If you know their main interests, it will be easier for you to prepare the topics for your event.

  2. Where to find people to attend your event? In the street, at business meetings, in social networks, blogs, forums, etc.

  3. How to approach them? Business cards, have a small talk, give an informative booklet, etc.

  4. How to create an interest in your event? What useful knowledge will you share? What materials will they obtain?, etc.

  5. What topics will you speak about? Earnings, business, gold, accelerate income, etc.

The answers will help you define what kind of event you will organize.

We don't want your event to look like this!

Where to find people to attend your event?

  1. While traveling

A long trip is the perfect opportunity to meet new people. Whether you are in a waiting room, a plane or a train, start a conversation with anyone!

Many Global InterGold clients have met potential clients during their trips. People will be glad to have a nice talk.

  1. Conferences and presentations

Meet people with business experience and get their contact details to invite them to your own presentation. Find out what they are interested in or what kind of company or business opportunity they are looking for.

  1. Startup Businesses Meetups

People attending these events are a promising target audience. They have ideas to start a business, or want to listen to other people to make a decision.

  1. Business networking

In these events, you can meet business people and entrepreneurs seeking business opportunities. It is the ideal place to make a presentation of your business.

Note: it is recommended to take along your personal GIG-branded business cards to give a professional image.

  1. Internet

Internet is the ultimate resource to meet potential clients for the business. You can find people interested in business in social networks' groups, forums, etc.

How to promote your event in social networks?

We have gathered 15 tips to help you promote events, attract more people to Global InterGold conferences, and encourage them to place orders mainly through Facebook, but these tips are also useful for other social networks.

1) Create an event on Facebook or on any other social network that your potential customers may use. Prepare an attractive poster including all the relevant information, and set it as the cover picture of the event page.

2) Create a hashtag (#) related to your event and use it in your posts to widen the publicity of its contents.

3) Describe your event in detail and include the event program too. Let people know what to exactly expect there.

4) Contact a well-known leader (or some of your acquaintances) and ask them to leave encouraging comments on the event page and to invite more people.

5) Post pictures and any kind of information related to past events of yours, if any.

6) Organize a “Like & Share” draw to widen the audience of your event: create a Facebook wall post and offer a prize to draw among all the Likes and Shares of the post. In this way, a lot of people will be promoting your event too!

7) Announce a contest or lottery to be held at the event. For example, the first 10 attendees arriving at the venue will receive a prize. In case of a webinar, you can give prizes to the most interesting questions.

8) Specify contact details and the address of the venue. Adding transport options or the travel time will make the arrival at the event a lot easier. In the case of a webinar, you can instruct people how to connect to it.

9) Specify whether the participants need to pay for an entry fee or, on the contrary, they can attend your event for free.

10) Explore the profiles of the participants to become familiar with their interests. This way, you will have an idea of what topics to talk about in your event. You can also do this by conducting a survey of opinion on the Facebook event page.

11) Post interesting contents from time to time; like quotations, references, or extracts from books. These kinds of posts are very encouraging.

12) Try to be as interactive as you can: check out and answer every comment and question you are asked.

13) Paying Facebook for advertisement can also be very effective.

14) Remind people about the beginning of the event some hours in advance. Facebook makes it easier because your guests will be automatically informed by notifications.

15) Once the event is over, post some pictures and thank everyone's attendance. Let them know you look forward to seeing them next time.

Other social networks apart from Facebook are equally useful. Sharing news and other information about the business and its success by means of blogging, for example, is a good idea too. Take advantage of every broadcast medium that can help gaining the readers' interest.

How to use the Global Events website for promoting your events?

Global Events is an informational source created in partnership with Global InterGold which allows the company's clients to create their own events and share them at a global scale.

Important: in order to use the services of Global Events you must have completed qualification (having 2 direct referrals)

If you have not fulfilled qualification yet, be sure to do it before using Global Events. This is worth considering as the popularity of your events will significantly increase by using this platform: massive marketing campaigns will let hundreds of thousands of people know about your events.

How to create an event in Global Events?

  • Go to globalevents.news and click on "Add Event" in the upper right corner of the page

  • When redirected to the official website for authorization, apply for the creation of your event

  • Fill in the application form and click on "Send"

Detailed instructions on how to create an event


What to take into account when creating events in Global Events?

  1. Think of an attractive and descriptive title indicating the main topic of the event.

  2. Write the description of your event mentioning why it is worth attending and what can attendees benefit from.

  3. Choose a descriptive and visually appealing poster for your event.

  4. Post the link to the event on Facebook.

  5. Follow the new registrations for the event. We will send you a notification for each including contact details.

  6. Registrations do not mean confirmed attendance. Get in touch with possible participants to keep them up to date and stimulate their attendance to the event.

Add these instructions to your bookmarks in order to have them on hand when drawing attention to your event.

We wish you the best of luck in organizing, promoting, and holding events!


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Created: 19.09.2016
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