TOP leaders speak up! Why is the Global Convention 2017 a must-attend?
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TOP leaders speak up! Why is the Global Convention 2017 a must-attend?
Global InterGold

Leaders have always acknowledged the importance of attending Global Conventions. It is during these conferences that the company's management shares its development plans and latest news with the attendees. But this year, the Global Convention offers much more.

What can you find there this year?

  • Seminars about business strategies

  • Global InterGold's exclusive Gold Exhibition 2017

  • Awarding ceremonies and a brand-new nomination

  • Presentation of new tools

  • Special guests and speakers

  • The secrets of financial security and the laws governing money

  • The opportunity to attend the International Precious Metals & Commodities Show

... but that's not all!

What else do our leaders recommend?

Leader Kike Johansson

Grand Leader Antonio Miguel

Global Leader Ostap Pechenyi

Grand Leader Gino Ferruggiaro

Grand Leader Nunzio Giancola

Grand Leader Stefano di Ponio

Leaders Gino Ferruggiaro and Ester Coronas

You cannot miss this extraordinary event in Munich, Germany, on November 3rd-4th!

Register and come with us!

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Published: 22.06.2017
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Ekaterina Pechurina Leaders Team
Ekaterina Pechurina Leaders Team
See you in Munich!
Oct 11