Italian TV echoes Global InterGold's business opportunity!
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Italian TV echoes Global InterGold's business opportunity!

Extra, extra! Global InterGold has become a big hit on Italian TV! The media has picked up the story of Matteo Monetta, one of our Italian leaders, and the good work of our international company.

What does this mean for us all?

We have come a long way over the past years, but we keep on moving forward and becoming more successful worldwide. Today, we are proud to say that:

Global InterGold steps up its presence in mass media!

The Italian media "Bravissimo" has interviewed one of our leaders there, Matteo Monetta, who gladly shared details about his versatile career, including his outstanding work in the gold business.

"The world is changing" said Matteo Monetta, "I am ever more convinced that online jobs are the future."

After sharing his point of view, the leader made a short business presentation and explained the advantages of having physical gold bars.

What does this mean for Global InterGold and its clients?

It means that we have successfully consolidated our image as a strong business opportunity available for the whole world. From now on, we will reach even more corners of the world and there will be a greater interest in our business!

This is a great step forward!

What did other media write about Global InterGold? We have gathered all the articles in a press kit for your convenience: 


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Published: 28.06.2017
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Brinzan Mircea
Brinzan Mircea
Grande oportunita di guadagno !!
Jul 07