Japan speaks about business with Global InterGold
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Japan speaks about business with Global InterGold

Japan is a very unusual and advanced country. It's no wonder that the gold business is thriving there! 

Did you know that there are no garbage cans in Japanese streets because everyone is carrying their garbage home to sort it out? You will also more than likely to receive a lost purse or a forgotten phone because the Japanese are known as one of the most honest nations in the world. And, of course, manners first: in the Japanese language, there is no curse word worse that "fool".

Responsibility, honesty, courtesy... All these and many other qualities help clients from Japan conquer the heights of the gold business!

A golden conference at the stylish Mielparque hotel attracted a lot of guests from Japan, Asia and far abroad. Entrepreneurs gathered to explore innovative business solutions, meet colleagues, ad discuss development plans together.

It was not just a fascinating and useful, but also a colorful event, as many guests dressed up in national costumes. Tribute to tradition and respect for culture are the hallmark of GIG customers!

The Global Tour event in Tokyo inspired and taught the attendees. March 19th and 20th, 2016 became a starting point for a prosperous life for many: their financial independence flourished like cherry blossoms in spring!


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Published: 17.10.2017
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