Joanne Rowling: Fight for your dream!
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Joanne Rowling: Fight for your dream!
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If you ask any successful person what caused his/her career to skyrocket, then the answer would be nothing but overcoming difficulties.

There is often a lack of motivation, clear goals and knowledge to improve financial effectiveness behind one’s bad luck. To realize your plans, you need to overcome life's obstacles and work hard.

We tell the success story of Joanne Rowling — the famous British writer and screenwriter, the author of a series of popular novels about Harry Potter.

Be inspired by the example of a prosperous woman, believe in yourself and strive to achieve your goal with confidence!


Material difficulties do not constitute an obstacle to creativity

Joanne Kathleen Rowling grew up in a poor English family in a small town. She studied Latin, French and Greek at the university.

After an unsuccessful marriage, Rowling has been left alone with a three-month-old child. A single mother received a modest government allowance and lived in a slum on the outskirts of the city. She experienced a constant shortage of money and was embarrassed about her financial situation.

Joanne came up with an idea of writing a book about Harry Potter at the age of 25. Since she did not have a computer, Rowling wrote her future bestseller on sheets of paper, putting them in a shoe box. The only thing that saved her from the grim reality was writing fairy tales about the wizard boy.

Joanne wrote her first book "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" for five years. For several years she was sending manuscript to various publishing houses to no avail. She got many rejected book publishing proposals. Editors considered the novel too complex for children's perception.


The main thing is to believe in yourself!

Joanne did not give up. She was persistent, she sent her texts to new publishers. Finally, a happy period began in her life. The manuscript was highly praised by the well-known literary agent Christopher Little. The publishing house Bloomsbury, which publishes children's literature, agreed to publish the book written by Joanne Rowling. In 1997, the first story about Harry Potter was published, and the writer became famous.

In the photo: Joanne Rowling is holding her first published book about Harry Potter.

Joanne continued to write novels about the young wizard, and the publishers themselves lined up for her new texts. In total, seven fascinating books about Harry Potter and his friends were published. The novels gained immense popularity all over the world, bringing the writer a profit of $650 million.

The tests of life have made Joanne Rowling stronger. Despite the difficult financial situation, she did not lose faith in herself. Joanne continued to write, persistently pitching her manuscripts to publishers. Her talent and perseverance aimed towards the goal was properly rewarded.

Forbes magazine named the author of Harry Potter novels the highest paid writer of 2017. Rowling’s revenues amounted to $95 million for a period of 12 months.


Formula of Joanne Rowling’s success:

"The past can get too heavy to carry it everywhere. Sometimes it is worth forgetting the past for the sake of the future. It's not important what you were born with, but what you became."


Never give up!

You must fight for your dream and make every effort to achieve the goal. Low income, debts, loans, financial difficulties are the main enemies on the pathway to achieving success and independence. The presence of these factors in the life of a person indicates the LFS Virus that entails significant financial losses, damages to your reputation, self-esteem, and health.

Many people think that today it is impossible to be protected from global threats. But we believe that’s not true.

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George Fuzesi, Global InterGold Development Director:

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Published: 15.08.2018
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