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The yellow metal, a simple chemical element with number 79 in the periodic table has many secrets to reveal. Scientists around the world are still trying to figure out how this precious metal emerged on Earth.

From ancient times, gold has had a high value, being always considered a noble metal. In Ancient Greece, gold was the greatest jewel, a symbol of fertility and wealth. The myths and legends of ancient Greece describe the golden chariots of the gods, the golden apple of discord and the Golden Fleece. Whoever had gold held power in his hands. Gold was used to pay for goods and to make a great present, it was addressed in all important cases. The stories of kingdoms and rulers repeated themselves, and only the value of gold remained unchanged. In all countries of the world there is still a respectful and attentive attitude to gold.

Gold is an eternal metal which always retains its value.

Gold preserves its historical value for a long time.

Gold does not depend on economic shocks.
Gold does not deteriorate and grows in price.
Gold — is a highly liquid asset.
But the most important thing...



The value of money keeps decreasing
The unstable situation in the world, political confrontations and unemployment affect the economies of countries and the standard of living of the population. People have repeatedly victims  of bursting banks and bankrupt enterprises; their wallets were full of worthless banknotes after markets broke down under the strain and collapsed.
Any currency depreciates over time, financial systems are being destroyed.
In times of crises, gold retains its value. Over the last decade, the cost of precious metal has increased by 300%: gold prices have risen from $ 300 to $1,200 and above.
Despite the fact that money remains a means of good and service exchange, the world inflation is growing while the value of money decreases. History proves that hyperinflation can destroy entire countries.
1920s, Germany
Every day, the inflation rate rose by 25%. In a month, the prices for goods increased by 800 times.

1945, Hungary
The country broke all records in the period of hyperinflation, by having issued a banknote with the face value of one billion trillion: a sextillion pengé. That is when the highest inflation rate in the world was recorded.

In the photo: one milliard of Hungarian pengé
2000, Zimbabwe

Inflation sharply increased in just one year, from 2007 to 2008, by 230 million percent. The country took the leading position in the ranking of the poorest countries in the world.

In the photo: 100,000,000,000 dollars


“There can be no other criterion, no other standard than gold. Yes, gold which never changes, which can be shaped into ingots, bars, coins, which has no nationality and which is eternally and universally accepted as the unalterable fiduciary value par excellence. It is a fact that there is still today no currency that can compare, either by a direct or an indirect relationship, real or imagined, with gold.”
 Charles de Gaulle,  Head of French Republic

 February 4th, 7965


Leading world powers are gradually accumulating gold reserves. The US holds the leading position in the world rating for the precious metal reserves. The volume of gold in national vaults in 2017 equals to 8133.46 tons.

Among the European countries the leading role belongs to Germany which can boast of 3377.9 tons of gold.

On 3rd place in the world takes Italy (2nd place in Europe). This country’s reserves have remained unchanged for almost 20 years and consist of 2451.84 tons.


The most famous and wealthy investors of the world opt for gold and the opportunity to increase their capital by investing in investment gold bars.
In 2017, Nathaniel Charles Jacob, 4th Baron Rothschild of the richest dynasty of bankers, announced some changes in the portfolio of RIT Partners and turned to investing in gold. The president of the hedge fund "Greenlight Capital” David Einhorn is confident in the growth of inflation, so in 2017 he began to sell bonds and buy gold. Einhorn's own capital is $1.54 billion.

The legendary millionaire Stanley Druckenmiller, the ex-Ieader of Duquesne Capital, leans on the precious metal. The fortune of this manager from Wall Street is estimated at $2.8 billion.

Investor Ray Dalio, owner of Bridgewater Associates, whose equity capital is estimated at 17 billion dollars stores 540% of his portfolio in gold.

Gold is the key to independence, financial stability and inner peace. You can save your money from depreciation, if you buy investment gold bars.

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Created: 08.06.2018
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