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Guideline XVIII of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristippus states:

Be able to know and understand your environment and those interested around you.

Try to monitor everything that happens around. Be curious and ask questions. Try to figure out how everything works. Analyze every situation. Awareness will generate new ideas and facilitate personal development.

A person who is full of awareness is prepared for possible troubles and difficulties that may arise in his/her life. The availability of credible information and knowledge helps to avoid making hasty decisions and to avoid mistakes in further actions.

A person must have access to all the information, undertake self-education, be inquisitive in order to work productively and run a successful business.

Let us take a life example.

He who owns the information, owns the world.

 Nathan Rothschild

This phrase of the founder of a respected banking dynasty remains relevant to this day. It signifies the importance of owning the information to run a successful business.

Rothschild was sure that a person with accurate and relevant information has an undisputed advantage over other people. A person who is full of awareness can use the information for personal gain to achieve his/her plans and solve difficult tasks.

In the photo: Nathan Mayer Rothschild is the founder of the English branch of the Rothschild family and the private banking company N M Rothschild & Sons.

According to one historical version, being aware of the important information helped Nathan Rothschild to become one of the richest people in Great Britain.

In 1815, during the Battle of Waterloo, the last major battle of the Emperor of France Napoleon I, Nathan Rothschild was one of the first people in England who learned that the French had lost the battle to the Brits. He came up with a simple, yet effective idea. He decided to use the valuable information for his own benefit.

At the London Stock Exchange, nobody knew about the victory of the British army, except for Rothschild. Nathan Rothschild told everyone the opposite of truth and rushed to sell shares, which in fact provoked other shareholders to sell their shares as well. Rothschild managed to buy up these shares on stock exchange secretly.

When the news of the British military successes spread all over the country, the London Stock Exchange's shares rose sharply. Rothschild sold the shares he had bought at a very high price. During several hours of bidding, he earned $3,9 million dollars.

Nathan Rothschild became a very rich man, owing to the possession of important facts and the correct usage of facts for personal gain. Owning the knowledge and certain insights is the key to success and one of the main engines of progress.

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Published: 10.07.2018
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