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Guideline XX of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristippus states:

Be moderately careful and try to avoid unnecessary risks.

Risk arises from uncertainty. Uncertainty and risk get significantly reduced when a person is surrounded by people whom he/she can trust. Therefore, it is important to surround yourself with those people who can be relied upon in a difficult situation.

Caution is a responsible approach to decision-making, foresight and attentiveness with words and actions. A cautious person is internally ready for the unexpected and possible dangers that may arise on the pathway to his/her goals.

By being reasonably cautious and by using a rational approach to the solution of tasks, it is possible to complete even what at first glance seems hopeless.


At times, cautiousness is a better trait than bravery.

Rafael Sabatini, writer


Let us take a life example.

Cautiousness and foresight means taking care of personal safety and security of one's environment, a thorough analysis of the situation, a desire to foresee the possible occurrence of further events and the ability to take necessary measures in a timely manner.

There is one educational parable on this subject.

Two travelers walked on the mountain road — young and elderly. The rain was pouring down and the travelers had nowhere to hide from the bad weather. The path across the hills was densely overgrown with bushes. Suddenly an elderly traveler saw traces of footsteps that led deep into the impenetrable bushes. The old man turned off the path and disappeared into the wilderness. Then he shouted joyfully: "There is an entrance to the cave here in a thicket. We can hide in it from the rain and sleep over."

They collected firewood for a fire and made a fire in the cave. Wet branches burned badly, but the travelers still managed to get warm and dried their clothes a little. The old man folded his cloak, put it under his head and went to bed. The young man came out of the cave to look around to make sure everything outside was fine.

Soon he returned and hurriedly woke his companion: "Get up, we need to go. I climbed up to the top of the hill and saw a glow. There is a city nearby. Let's go there! We'll spend the night in a dry and warm bed at the hotel, and not here on the damp ground inside the cave. " The elderly traveler left the cave and climbed to the hill. He saw a nearby city, a bright glow above it and returned to the cave.

The young traveler asked him in astonishment: "Why don’t you want to go to the town?! It's only two hours’ walk!" The elderly man countered: "The glow over the city is a fire. Don’t you see that the city is on fire? Perhaps it was captured by the enemies," and he began settling down on a lodging for the night.

The young man insisted: "We must go there! I think that by the time we reach it the flame will abate, and we will be able to find ourselves a decent night's lodging. There is no more wood near the cave, so we can’t make a big fire." The elderly traveler was an experienced and cautious man. "It's better to have a small fire that is warm than a large one that will burn," the old man answered said judiciously and fell asleep peacefully.

A person’s cautiousness should be working in the "non-stop" mode, helping him/her to overcome difficulties in life. Cautiousness is dictated not by fear, but by a desire to feel safe. A cautious person acts sensibly and rationally. In a challenging situation, he/she behaves calmly and sensibly, continuing to move towards achieving goals with determination.

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Published: 24.07.2018
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