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Guideline XXI of the ancient Greek philosopher Aristippus states:

Be economical and cautious in spending.

Thriftiness is the practice of using resources rationally. The way HOW you manage your money can make you happier.

The main idea of thriftiness: "To use everything that you have in the wisest way possible to facilitate your own prosperity."

One needs to spend savings wisely. Even on a small income a person can save money rationally. It is important to be able to point personal savings in the right direction in order to create a reliable platform for further actions. Reasonably distributed finances will help realize your plans in the future.

Being both thrifty and cautious in spending means to be careful with money and to avoid unnecessary waste of money. Knowing how to spend your finances properly and where to invest the accumulated funds is a guarantee of independence and success on the way to the achievement of goals.


If you want to be rich, think of the savings and get them.

Benjamin Franklin


Let us take a life example.

A rich person is not someone who only knows how to make money, but the one who knows how to save them rationally.

Many wealthy and successful people live a rather modest life and do not blow off their money. We tell how the billionaires save their money.

Amancio Ortega is a Spanish businessman and investor, the founder of Inditex, which owns 6750 stores of well-known brands in 88 countries. The fortune of Ortega is estimated at $85 billion. The fabulous wealth did not make Ortega a proponent of careless spending and huge expenses. He leads a rather modest lifestyle. A businessman who owns billions lives in a small apartment in the resort town of La Coruña in northern Spain. In terms of clothing style, he also prefers to dress modestly. Ortega oftentimes appears in public wearing a comfortable dark blazer, gray trousers and a white shirt.

Warren Buffett is an American businessman, the world's most famous investor whose net worth is estimated at $84 billion. Buffett lives in his small house in Omaha, Nebraska that he bought for $31,000 in 1958. This modest, by the standards of the US, mansion satisfies the entrepreneur who has billions at his disposal. He can afford to buy any house, yet he doesn’t consider it necessary to buy one just because the status of a wealthy man obliges him to live luxuriously.

Mark Zuckerberg is an American businessman within the field of Internet technologies, developer and founder of the social network Facebook. His fortune is estimated at $70 billion. Zuckerberg lives modestly and drives an inexpensive, by the standards of the rich, Acura car, the price of which is $30,000 dollars. The youngest billionaire in the world can afford to buy a prestigious and exclusive car, yet he prefers simplicity and practicality.

Carlos Slim Helú is a Mexican businessman, one of the world's richest men whose capital net worth is estimated at $54,5 billion. In the day-to-day life, the richest man of Mexico lives quite modestly. The businessman and his relatives live in a small house with several bedrooms for 40 years. Slim always eats dinner (simple home-cooked meals) with his family. Instead of elite yachts, he prefers to travel by car: an old Mercedes-Benz car.

Michael Bloomberg is an American businessman, in the past — the mayor of the New York City whose fortune is $50 billion. Bloomberg continues to wear the same work footwear for 10 years — two pairs of black moccasins which are easy-to-wear and functional. He loves them for their comfort and practicality and does not consider it necessary to spend his money on numerous pairs of new shoes.


Being thrifty is an important part of a person’s proper financial life. This is a rational approach to expenses, both necessary and right step to achieve the goals.


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Be economical and cautious in spending.


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Published: 31.07.2018
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