The First Presidential Cruise
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The First Presidential Cruise
Global InterGold


A special decision of the President of Global InterGold.

The President of the company decided to reward clients from Asia, who scored the 9th and 10th places in the rating and undertook a tremendous amount of work to attract clients from the new region in the shortest time possible.

Even though these clients did not manage to score the required number of points, they receive a special invitation from the President to join the cruise, as a form of recognition for their contribution to the development of the new region and promotion of the company's products.

The President also decided to invite two clients from another region to the cruise trip, who scored the maximum points in the ratings for all regions, didn’t enter the TOP 10 in their region, yet still deserved this award for their hard work.

We appreciate the dedication, perseverance and fortitude of our clients!

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Published: 07.06.2018
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