Last call to participate in the Global Survey
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Last call to participate in the Global Survey
Global InterGold

Global InterGold’s Global Survey has received great feedback from you, dear clients.   

We are deeply grateful for your interest and participation. However, we believe that some clients have not had the time to answer to it yet. We encourage them to participate in the survey now. 

Why? Precisely because...

  • You will help us to move forward.
  • We will get to know your needs better.
  • Our services will be improved and faster.
  • You will have the chance to win one of our 111 exclusive prizes.

Participate in the survey and enter into a prize draw to win a gold bar, a brand-new Apple iPad or a ticket to the luxurious Grand Summer Voyage 2017!

The winners will be announced on May 19th during a live broadcast on Facebook from Geneva! 

Last call


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Published: 03.05.2017
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