Gold — people around you.
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Gold — people around you.
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Modern technologies are developing rapidly. Most of us make purchases without even leaving home, order food by phone and pay the bills online. It would seem that progress should contribute to an increase of leisure time, but expectations do not always match the reality.


What is the paradox of modernity?

A familiar situation: the more opportunities for interaction we have, the less time we spend with each other? Have you noticed that interaction became superficial? Usually we have no time to ask a person about his/her dreams and plans for life. At times, we get the news from our neighbors through social media. By scrolling through photos and posts, we are kept updated on how the neighbor took dogs for a walk, how the neighbor ate at the restaurant and when he/she goes on vacation. There are plenty of such examples, it is a social norm now. Close and sincere interaction takes a back seat. A crazy rhythm of life drains energy, long conversations tire us out, eventually, a friendly meeting becomes a rarity, and a quality interaction – a deficit.

The problem of modernity:

global loneliness of people in the era of high technology.

The reason for loneliness lies in the lack or non-existence of live human interaction!

Only interaction facilitates interest, care and sympathy. The time that you devote to another person, will give you not just a sense of usefulness, but also many pleasant moments associated with joint outings, help and development.


Why is quality interaction — gold?

In our unstable times, prone to crises and economic downturns, human interaction remains crucial. Sharing thoughts and ideas with other people is equivalent to gold.

“The quality of communication is of great importance. There is nothing more important than dialogue, without one, it is impossible to achieve cooperation and understanding.”

The company’s President
Dmitriy Aksyonov


Global InterGold opens up prospects, allowing you to maintain a quality interaction with your surroundings and make money through communication.

For this reason, we have developed the GoldSet bonus program, so that anyone who wants to preserve and accumulate their capital can make use of gold. Minutes and hours of communication with people allow you to exchange time for gold.

By establishing and maintaining connections, a person expands his/her social circle, and thus earns a living. The support of the surroundings is highly appreciated by Global InterGold, we are ready to reward everyone for helping strengthen Financial Security.

The use of the program allows everyone to exchange their help for real 999,9 gold.


How does it work?



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Published: 19.02.2019
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Richard Andino
Richard Andino
Muy bueno realmente el material de apoyo que envia la empresa a sus clientes y asociados !
May 26
Matteo Galleri
Matteo Galleri
Un bellissimo articolo che delinea i cambiamenti sociali che derivano dalla tecnologia, grazie Global InterGold per offrirci la giusta soluzione per creare e mantenere le relazioni, cooperando e guadagnando insieme, creando Sicurezza Finanziaria per tutti. I LOVE GIG
Jun 13
raffaella tavaglione
raffaella tavaglione
Stare al passo coi tempi senza dimenticare l'importanza vitale dell'essere umano. Perché Global InterGold Siamo Noi
Nov 04