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[Live September 25] Gyorgy Fuzesi vs Costas Polemitis: Business or gold?

When and where?

On 25th September, at 17:30 CEST, the Vice President and the Director of Development for Global InterGold will hold a live broadcast in the administrative office of the company. They will discuss what is more important, the marketing program or gold.

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Make yourself a name in the company!

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Marketing program or gold?

The company's authorities will be opponents in the debate on the advantages of GIG's business model and those of the product itself.

Gyorgy Fuzesi and Costas Polemitis will discuss and find out what influences customers’ income the most. Who will you support?

At the end of the broadcast, the Vice President and the Director of Development will hold a round of questions and answers.

All the advantages and opportunities of gold business!

Win an Apple iPAd mini Gold!

Global InterGold always seeks to encourage and reward its clients. That is why, one of the viewers of the broadcast will win a brand new Apple iPad mini Gold with the company’s logo including the best promotional materials.

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Publication date: 2016-09-22 08:17