Main Global InterGold’s values to be revealed at the Global Convention 2017!
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Main Global InterGold’s values to be revealed at the Global Convention 2017!
Global InterGold

Today is the day when we want to share our basis to lean on when building a great company together with you.

Each of us has values that guide us in our actions and in assessing the actions of others.

If we carefully look at people around us, we will find many common beliefs about the good and the bad.

These general ideas about everything good in people's behavior can be called our common values. They are the cornerstone of any country, society, family or company.

As you know, the cornerstone is the center of the foundation of any structure which sustains the weight of an entire building. Therefore, the reliability of the whole building depends on the stability of the selected foundation.

What is the basis of our company and our relationships with partners and colleagues?

At our November conference, we will tell you what the actual basis of our success is. We will share our values with you so that you could advance on your way to new achievements.

A proverb says that a person is known by his deeds. They let us see ones’ true essence and decide if this person is bad or good, friend or foe.

Many believe that the security and quality of life depend on who is next to you. And to a great extent, they depend on what cornerstones people around have and what their values are.

Our conference will shed light on what the Global InterGold’s cornerstone is.

We will be happy to share with you our values which form the foundation of our activities from the very first day.

We believe that any person has four key abilities

FREEDOM: the ability manage your time and resources at your own discretion.

INDEPENDENCE: the ability to live your own life without influence of others.

KNOWLEDGE: the ability to know the truth.

HAPPINESS: the ability to be satisfied with life, to experience pleasure and joy.

Each of these abilities can be improved and strengthened by any person, provided that he or she really wants it.

The alchemy of a person's success lies in making changes in oneself and moving to a whole new level.

Join us on the path that leads our company and our partners to these higher human abilities.

The very moment when we will tell you about the basis on which we lean on when building a great company is coming. We can’t wait to share it with you!

See you at the conference!

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Published: 17.07.2017
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