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Gold Fixing

Message from GIG's Director of Development, Gyorgy Fuzesy: the company’s development and legal support

“Millions of people around the world rely on gold to save and build up capital.

Millions of people around the world dream of legitimate and modern business opportunities to generate stable income.”

Gyorgy Fuzesi

Gyorgy Fuzesi comments on the development and popularity of the company focusing on the legality and safety of the business.

Global InterGold is gaining trust on 5 continents. In order to meet the needs of over 2 million customers, the company makes use of all the possible resources to improve its services.

The company develops the fields of logistics, judicial security, marketing, international law, among others to provide customers with the opportunity to acquire gold anywhere in the world.

“Together with you, we create a strong business community of free, independent, and wealthy people!”

Gyorgy Fuzesi

Watch the video from the Director of Development Gyorgy Fuzesi and find out what makes the business with Global InterGold more stable and reliable:

Data de publicação: 2016-08-02 14:52