Michael Bloomberg: Strategy of Success
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Michael Bloomberg: Strategy of Success
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Have you ever thought why some people achieve more significant accomplishments in life than others, even though they have access to the same technologies, resources and knowledge?

Strong-willed people who persistently move towards their goals, face life's trials and difficulties with resilience. They perceive them as the next stage of growth, the fulfillment of their potential opportunities.

We tell the success story of Michael Bloomberg — an influential American businessman, a multi-billionaire with a fortune of $50,4 billion, a former mayor of New York City.

Get inspired by the example of a great man, put your energy into the right direction and strive for victory!


Dismissal is not a defeat!

Michael Rubens Bloomberg was born in a poor immigrant family from Russia. After graduating from Harvard Business School, he secured a job at the investment bank Salomon Brothers, where he managed the stock trading and was responsible for IT systems. Bloomberg devoted 15 years of his life to the company, but he was suddenly fired when Salomon Brothers was sold to a new owner.

However, that failure wasn’t catastrophic for the businessman. During that time, he came up with an idea of establishing his own company. He sold his Salomon Brothers shares and founded Bloomberg LP on gained profits, a company that collects, analyzes and sells information regarding the financial markets and its states. Bloomberg developed and implemented a new computer system: combined real-time stock quotes with analytics. Innovative technologies gave his firm a noticeable superiority over competitors.

Today, Bloomberg LP is the leading provider of financial news in the world.


The lack of a budget is not a disaster

Bloomberg has achieved unprecedented heights not only in business, but also in politics. In 2001, he took up the post of mayor of the world’s financial capital — New York. At that time, the budget of the city was in a catastrophic state. To save taxpayers' money, Bloomberg set himself a salary of $1, refused to use state-owned residence and lived only on business income.

As mayor, Bloomberg significantly reduced administration costs, introduced a ban on smoking in restaurants, bars and clubs. During his political career, he managed to reduce crime in New York by 20%, ensuring a record low unemployment rate, and also created many new jobs by supporting small business entrepreneurship. Mayor Bloomberg balanced the city’s budget, developed a program to combat poverty and launched a campaign to combat global warming.

In the photo: during the strike of New York subway workers, Michael Bloomberg went to the store to buy a bicycle and cycle to work.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg resigned in 2014 and took the post of UN Special Envoy for climate change.

The businessman works actively with charities and is one of the major philanthropists in the United States, donating hundreds of millions of dollars to various funds annually.

If, after his dismissal, Bloomberg threw in the towel and lost faith in himself, he would not become a billionaire and a successful politician. Michael Bloomberg did not give up. He fought for his dream and aspired to the achieve the desired goal.

A formula of Michael Bloomberg’s success:


"Tenacious and selfless labor increases the chances of success. Do not be a mere spectator. Act!"


Everyday roughly 65 people become millionaires!

The story of each bright personality says that you should not accept failure as a defeat. A new opportunity is hidden in every failure. By overcoming difficulties and gaining new experience, you can achieve what you desire. It is necessary to move persistently and purposefully towards the realization of your plans.

In order to achieve high business results, you need to have the knowledge to improve business performance and strengthen the foundation of personal Financial Security. You need to understand the actual laws of money with the help of which you can balance expenses.

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Published: 01.08.2018
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 Milagros Cabello
Milagros Cabello
Leer de historias de personas que aplicaron sus propias estrategias para conseguir el éxito es muy inspirador. Mientras más historias leemos más recursos tendremos para enfrentar los obstáculos, estamos en constante cambio y crecimiento por lo tanto es necesario aprender de quienes ya consiguieron aquello que queremos!!
Aug 21