Most interesting things about the GIG conference in Ecuador
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Most interesting things about the GIG conference in Ecuador

The Global Tour 2016 conference in Quito, Ecuador was the second in a series of Global InterGold events which gathered a huge number of participants from Ecuador and neighboring countries.

Love of gold flows in Ecuadorians’ blood: just remember the gold of the Maya and the Aztecs, the lost golden cities and hidden treasures, and you will see it for yourself. But even in modern times, gold resides in Ecuador in various incarnations, and investment is one of the trendiest.

So, on January 31st, gold business people gathered at the luxurious Best Western Premier Plaza Hotel to personally meet with the company's management, learn about recent news and development plans for the near future, and communicate with like-minded people. The most worthy of them also received awards.


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Published: 02.10.2017
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