Munich view: Truth cast in Gold
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Munich view: Truth cast in Gold
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Each person is a heir of the Ancient Knowledge. Priceless information of ancient philosophers is as relevant as 3,000 years ago and it perfectly fits the pace of modern times and the way we think.

That is why, we have turned to the knowledge of the Greek thinker Aristippus.

Aristippus is a philosopher, the founder of hedonism.

(circa 435 - 355 BC)

Aristippus of Cyrene was a Socrates' disciple who lived in Cyrene, Athens, Aegina and was a member of the royal court of the Sicilian commander Dionysius the Elder.

He never gave up his philosophical views and developed the doctrines of his teacher throughout his life. He was called "teacher of virtue" and considered a master of philosophical teaching. According to Cyrene school founder, the ship is owned not by someone who does not sail it, but the one who knows how to sail in the right direction.

Cyrenaica (Greek: Σχολή της Κυρήνης) is a Greek philosophical school which embraced Aristippus’ students and followers.

Aristippus summarized the vast experience of his teachers, friends and compatriots. When we got acquainted with the Aristippus’ philosophy, we were amazed at how useful his knowledge is. The philosopher’s guidelines help to solve the problems of today and tomorrow. We found out that the values of Aristippus are close to many people around the world, and they are very important for our company.

The value of wisdom can only be compared with gold. So, we have developed an exclusive investment gold bar design dedicated to Aristippus. Each gold bar corresponds to a certain guideline from the Code of this Greek philosopher.

Global InterGold has registered a trademark for this unique product.

In the following articles, we are going to describe the Gold of Aristippus and the Aristippus’ Code in more detail.

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Published: 01.12.2017
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V celom soglasen s deistvijami kompanii-vsio zdelanno ctob liudi mogli bit scastlivimu,odocka podana,ostaetsia delat delo!!!
Dec 03
Великая мудрость в жизни я понял.Почерком природы Бог вокруг нарисовал.Тьма плавно превращается в свет.Знамением утвердил каждому жизни лет. Великая мудрость в жизни я понял. От вдоха до выдоха все дороги путями прочёл. ..
Dec 02
Dec 02
soy muy intekigente dios lis bendiga
Dec 01