Names of the new Global InterGold Grand Leaders!
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Names of the new Global InterGold Grand Leaders!
Global InterGold

The honorary title of “Grand Leader” is awarded to persistent and purposeful Global InterGold leaders who work day after day to conquer new business heights.

Grand Leaders set high standards for their gold business and embody the principles and values of the company.

As a token of the company's appreciation and gratitude, this title entails support and special attention from the management. Together with Grand Leaders, the company plans the expansion of the business to new regions, encourages the widening of clients’ structures, and strengthens the customers’ motivation.

At the Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2016, six leaders were officially awarded the title of “Grand Leader”!

Who are our new heroes?

Octavio Corona Huitron

Through his camera, Octavio Corona can see a better world where altruism and solidarity are the norm. Through his gold business, he fights for this world every day by making full use of his leadership skills, encouraging and uniting his team and always radiating loving-kindness.

Vitaliy Borovyk

An impeccable business image and eagerness to conquer the peaks of the gold business anywhere in the world are Vitaliy Borovyk's intrinsic features. He is deeply involved in the company's life be it by either attending events or participating in contests, making him a real gold business expert.

Victor Abad Martinez Gonzalez

Victor Abad is a leader whose business card is an overjoyed smile and a natural talent to lift everyone's spirits. His firm commitment, outstanding business skills, and passion for helping those in need have empowered our Mister Global InterGold to grow as a strong leader with a bright future.

Stefano di Ponio

Stefano di Ponio is a leader whose vocabulary does not include the word “surrender”. Well-versed in business leadership, he drives the team forward with untiring optimism and steely determination for his forte is people skills and his goal to provide them all with a better quality of life.

Oscar Gregory De Carlos Ferreira

The perfect balance between a strict military discipline and a lively personality can be found in Oscar de Carlos, enabling him to attain success in whatever goals he sets his mind to. His open-mindedness and readiness to take up any challenge are as praiseworthy as his leadership role.

Nunzio Giancola

The gift of eloquence and a flair for business make Nunzio Giancola capable of great achievements, while his impressive dedication to help and motivate people make him a person to rely on. For he strives for excellence, his success goes in crescendo.

Grow your own business, attend the company’s events, and become the next Grand Leader!

What else made the Global Convention & Gold Exhibition 2016 in Rome, Italy so remarkable? 

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Published: 18.10.2016
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