1g. 35.14 EUR
1oz. 1093.00 EUR
Price in EUR per kg
Gold Fixing

New option available in the GoldSet Global Pro order: transition to GoldSet Goldline after closing a section

Great news for all those who want to move their orders to the GoldSet Goldline table with minimum initial investments!

1050 EUR 450 EUR

Now, after completing a section in GoldSet Global Pro, you can switch to one of the fastest and most rewarding tables of orders!

Do not wait for 14 days to get reward units —

move to the GoldSet Goldline table the day of closing a section!

In order to do so, select the option

Move the order to the GoldSet Goldline table of orders”

when placing a GoldSet Global Pro order.

Accelerate and increase your income!

Use the bonus program to its fullest!


Publication date: 2016-12-08 14:00