Nigerian mass media write about Global InterGold again!
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Nigerian mass media write about Global InterGold again!
Global InterGold

As the gold business conquers the hearts of the people of Nigeria, Global InterGold makes headlines more and more often.

Learn about the vision of company in the eyes of media!  

One of the leading Nigerian newspapers Vanguard has already dedicated its pages to the business with gold and our company. See how it was!

What was in the focus?

This time the newspaper was particularly interested in the Global InterGold activities, namely its values and principles. The article reveals:
how GIG is guided in its work

  • what are its cornerstones for its development
  • what priorities customers and the company have
  • what the key abilities of the company's customers are

Find the full article here:

Business breakthrough for the African continent

Nigerian customers are enthusiastic about the opportunities available with Global InterGold which provide them with support, bring profit and give confidence in the future. While gold business is gaining momentum in Nigeria, you can be in the forefront of the gold elite!

What do other global newspapers write about Global InterGold?

Our official press kit will let you know!

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Published: 31.07.2017
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