Official information about the Global InterGold company
1g. 33.12 EUR
1oz. 1030.00 EUR
Price in EUR per kg
Gold Fixing


Official information about the Global InterGold company
Global InterGold

Basic information

Address: Company Number: 10206291, Acorn House, 33 Churchfield Road, London, United Kingdom, W3 6AY

Telephone: +44 20 3289 3538

Number of clients: > 2 000 000

Experience in the market: 7 years

Global InterGold official

Product of the Global InterGold Online Gold Shop

Global InterGold sells investment gold bars in weights from 1 to 100 grams. All bars are enclosed in a solid packaging which protects the product from damage and preserves its appearance. Global InterGold’s investment gold has the highest 999.9 fineness; price per bar starts from 35 euros.

All company’s suppliers are LBMA-certified: they have international confirmation of authenticity and high quality of gold. The brands produced by them are recognized and accepted by banks and financial institutions around the world.

Why gold?

We have chosen gold, because we are sure that this is the most reliable and profitable asset of the 21st century. Gold allows to protect your savings; being a highly liquid product, it can always be exchanged for money quickly and easily.

History proves that this asset’s value has been growing for centuries, protecting its owner's capital from inflation, political instability, and other financial risks.

If we compare the purchasing power of gold and currencies, we will see how much gold surpasses money. For example, let's have a look at the amount of products one could buy for the same amount of money or gold in different years:

We can see that over time, for $20 we can afford fewer and fewer products, while with gold the situation looks vice versa.

Global InterGold marketing plan

We have tailored a loyalty program with elements of network marketing which allows customers to offset up to 90% of the cost of gold bars at the expense of bonuses. Bonuses in euros are charged to the buyers’ accounts for successful recommendations and expansion of the client portfolio of the Online Gold Shop.

This program called GoldSet gives you the opportunity to buy and sell gold and earn with it. Learn more here:

Global InterGold today

We have already inspired people from 150 countries who follow their dreams and provide themselves with a prosperous life and financial security.

More than 2,000,000 customers around the world receive income with gold and help others reach a new standard of living. These people know the Global InterGold business and how to make money. Together, they build a community of purposeful and successful people.

Video about us:

Do you want to join an international team of successful business people?

Learn how to register in the Online Gold Shop, earn with gold and always stay up-to-date with Global InterGold news:

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Published: 17.08.2017
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Yugal Kishor Sahu
Yugal Kishor Sahu
I am Allredy working in GIG last 3 months and earn very big incom. My total incom 5 lakh rupees in 3 months.
Aug 02
Mensah Bismark
Mensah Bismark
I registered for that and I place an order what would I have to do next to get my bonus ,and I have not pay for that?
Jul 26
Dinesh goel
Dinesh goel
I want to join , please send me more details if possible in Hindi/ English
Jul 25
I want join I need some details from GIG. I'm at chennai India.
Jul 20
Hemant Harshadray Shah
Hemant Harshadray Shah
How it works,how to earn and how to join with GIG
Jul 09
Mahendra Dupare
Mahendra Dupare
Respected sir/mam.. Kindly requested Pl In India where you're company office. What type of certificate you have got from Indian government. How is successful Board bracking system Please give me detail as soon as possible.
Jun 30