One day – two lives…
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One day – two lives…
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Have you noticed how differently people behave? Someone on the street passes you by with a gloomy look on the face, while someone passes by in no hurry, walking with confidence, smiling. Someone constantly complains about problems, meanwhile someone shares experience about the latest trips and the recently read books.

What makes people so different?

Let's imagine one day in the life of two ordinary people – John and Victor.



Sleepy John forces himself to get out of bed. There is no time for breakfast, he is in a hurry. He drinks a cup of coffee and goes to work.

He sees a pile of documents on the office table, checks his emails, and soon comes to the realization that it’s going to be a hell of a day. He immerses himself in his work, being burdened with the files. Outside the window – a wonderful sunny weather, but John does not notice it: he is carrying out one task after another.

Suddenly a smartphone rings – a bank inquiries about the overdue loans. John turns off the smartphone becoming completely involved in his work again.

Despite all the efforts, he must work overtime, staying late for three hours. On the way home, he is tormented by thoughts of outstanding loans and exorbitantly high expenses.

Tired John comes home late at night. His wife and children are already asleep – he couldn’t talk with them tonight once again. In exhaustion, John falls on the bed, but he can't fall asleep for a long time, ruminating, thinking about his worries...



Victor wakes up full of energy and strength, he exercises and then eats breakfast together with his family. He does not need to hurry anywhere – he works from home and sets himself all the tasks. After breakfast, Victor turns on his PC and works for a while. It’s sunny outside, he takes a break and goes for a walk.

Upon his return, Victor spends a great deal of time interacting with like-minded people: it all goes smoothly and productively.

He holds a video conference to discuss business issues with his partners or organizes a webinar. Everything he does gives him pleasure.

After reading the news on the Internet, he faces all kinds of negativity: political and economic tensions are growing, the world is on the verge of a crisis again. However, Victor does not worry about that – he successfully survived the previous crisis without losses.

Later in the evening, Victor and his family go to the cinema, which has already become a family tradition. Victor is glad that he has the time and money to make his loved ones happy.

He is absolutely sure that tomorrow will bring even more joy.


Two realities

These two types are so common, aren’t they? You can meet such a pair, like John and Victor, anywhere in the world. They may be neighbors, but they live in different realities. Why?

John can’t deal with difficulties and is barely able to support himself and his family. Victor is successful, he is good with money and can help others, even John, to find stability and well-being.

Everything is determined by the presence or lack of Financial Security. In John’s case, we see a person exposed to the Lack of Financial Security (LFS) virus. Symptoms are obvious: the lack of money and time, work overload, debts, fears and uncertainty about the future.

Victor is in a state that can be defined as Financial Security. He is calm and self-confident, he knows how to preserve and accumulate capital, controls his own life. Savings allow Victor to tackle any unforeseen problems.

Now think about whom would you turn to for advice: John or Victor? With whom to do business?

Courtesy of such people as Victor, Financial Security can be achieved several times more effectively.

Do not worry if you are new to this business and have no experience. Many wealthy people felt the same way in the beginning. Having found like-minded people and created the right environment for themselves, they fulfilled their potential and achieved the desired result.

You can follow their example!




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Published: 09.04.2019
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José Cruz
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