Our clients set sail for the Grand Summer Voyage 2017!
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Our clients set sail for the Grand Summer Voyage 2017!
Global InterGold

Sea, sun, luxury cruise ship, entertainment for every taste + professional and personal growth = a cruise at the Global InterGold’s expense!

Learn about it all! 

This is not the first time when the company arranges a summer cruise for its most active clients, but each is a really unique adventure full of surprises and pleasures.

Let’s make a brief overview of what is going on:

Who heads for the dreamy trip? 30 Global InterGold clients

How were the lucky ones determined? As a result of the Grand Summer Voyage 2017 competition

What is the essence of the competition? To increase the number of GIG customers around the world and score the coveted points for it

What awaits the winners? A cruise across the Mediterranean Sea aboard the MSC Meraviglia cruise ship and the opportunity to compete for a kilogram of gold!

See for yourself:


And now a few facts about the MSC Meraviglia ship where all miracles will take place:

  • length 315 m, height 65 m
  • 95-meter promenade under the largest LED-dome at sea with digital "sky" area of more than 5,000 m2
  • unique performances by Cirque du Soleil
  • 12 dining venues
  • aqua park with 4 water slides, SPA, cinema, gyms and much more!

Do you want to take part in this unforgettable trip? Then get to know the competition rules and win!

We wish all sails to the wind to those who go on the Grand Summer Voyage 2017!


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Published: 25.08.2017
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MichaelsosaEDO URU
MichaelsosaEDO URU
Excelente momento lo mejor de lo mejor, estamos en una excelente compañía!! !!
Aug 25
Vanessa Grupo Edo
Vanessa Grupo Edo
Siempre otorgandonos lo mejor gracias global!!!!
Aug 29
Gustavo Martinez Edo
Gustavo Martinez Edo
Sin dudas está compañía apunta a la excelencia en todos los aspectos y comenzando por el producto ubico hasta los premios y regalías, gracias Global Intergold..!!! Vamos a seguir ampliando el negocio sin dudas alguna
Sep 08
Eri-k Gold
Eri-k Gold
wow!! se ve impactante.
Sep 13