Our Global Survey has concluded - the Prize Draw follows
1g. 33.83 EUR
1oz. 1052.00 EUR
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Gold Fixing

Our Global Survey has concluded - the Prize Draw follows

Dear clients, hereby we announce the end of the Global Survey. We have received an incredible amount of data thanks to your help. We are deeply grateful.

What now?

A great number of clients has participated in our survey, and your support has exceeded our expectations.

We are very grateful to those who took the time to help us develop faster and the gold business improve.

It is important for us to know the opinion of each and every client. We want to create the most comfortable conditions for our common business. Our more than 2 million clients deserve it.


The participants of our survey who answered all the questions have moved to another stage. They have automatically entered into a prize draw with the possibility to win either one gold bar, one Apple iPad, or a ticket to the luxurious Grand Summer Voyage 2017!

The prize draw will take place in the company's new representative office from Geneva during a live broadcast on Facebook on May 19th.

A unique event.


Publication date: 2017-05-08 09:34