Overview of the Global InterGold conference in Uruguay: The Road to the Future
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Overview of the Global InterGold conference in Uruguay: The Road to the Future

At the beautiful Kibon Avanza hotel in Montevideo, gold business people gathered to share their experience, learn the latest news about the company's achievements and plans, and have a great time with like-minded people.

The event which united them bore the proud name of "The Road to the Future", and these are not empty words! Those who choose their own business with such a sought-after and reliable product as gold are doomed to success.

The guests of the conference were eminent Grand and Global Leaders, loyal customers of the company and, of course, the management of Global InterGold on behalf of Gyorgy Fuzesi.

The atmosphere of the feast was supported by incendiary dances and performances by talented artists. But, of course, the main emphasis was on gold, communication and business development.


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Published: 28.09.2017
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Yehan Liderazgo EDO
Yehan Liderazgo EDO
Su nombre sin dudas lo dice todo, proyecto la visión de muchos hacia un futuro lleno de expectativas, de sueños pero sobre todo de POSIBILIDADES, con un Negocio rentable, legal, solido pero sobre todas las cosas propio y Global. Viva Global Intergold, Viva GIG viva EDO
Oct 19
Un evento sin precedentes de nos dejo la visión de un negocio sólido, estable, seguro y sobretodo muy rentable
Sep 29
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