Lack of financial security
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Lack of financial security
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What is the main problem in a person’s life?

He does not know or is not sure what will happen to him tomorrow. And first of all, he is not sure if will be able to survive in the future.

Among other things people try to find answers to but generally fail, these two take a special place:

1. What should I do if my debts happen to be repaid soon?

2. How to change the situation when my expenses exceed my income?

Having no answer to these questions often causes uncertainty in one’s abilities and does not allow to build long-term plans.

Instead of setting global goals and objectives, a person soon starts to think in terms of “making both ends meet”.

In such conditions, a person often experiences depression and the fear of losing everything he has. And today, more and more people ignore the consequences while choosing antidepressants and "legal drugs" as an escape from the problems. Every year, in the US only, 100 to 200 thousand people die due to medically prescribed medicines and drugs. This number is bigger than that of car accidents. However, Americans do not seem to bother about these figures at all: every year they take more and more drugs.

Too many pharmaceutical companies and corrupted politicians are interested in making business on medicines bring more and more profits. And increasing revenues, in turn, allow producers to attract even more politicians to their side. As a result of this vicious circle, millions of people face false diagnoses with billions of tablets being subscribed for them.

And if the advertising of antidepressants was fair, it would tell people that no pharmacological drugs are able to solve the source of the problem that causes depression, sexual disorders, suicide and fear.

And if a person KNEW the source of the problem for certain, then his life would feature much less uncertainty and anxiety. We believe that now is the right time to make a real diagnosis!

Lack of Financial Security (LFS)

Today, this "virus" has infected our whole planet and keeps dragging more and more victims into its network. The fact is that most of people and their families on our planet (just like most governments) live in debt and fail in balancing their expenses and incomes.

At this idea associated with the danger for one’s survival may come to his mind. This is a kind of warning signal that the brain gives to a person in the form of emotional and mental pain rather than physical.

As a rule, such a situation in a person's life is reflected in the fact that he has to work and do some things that are imposed on him instead of those that he would like to do himself. For example, a person is forced to seek a second job or to keep doing the current which he does not like at all.

So how can a person avoid the contact with this popular "virus" of lack of financial security?

Many have become used to believing that it is impossible to live in financial security in our time. But we believe that this is not true.

First of all, a person should realize that working laws of money exist which allow to balance expenses and incomes regardless of the current income level.

Common sense tells us that if we know the cause of the problem, then we can always do something with it to eliminate or at least reduce its unwanted effects.

In our case, it is necessary to "turn off" the alarm button of "Lack of Financial Security" in your mind.

How to do it?

We believe that once a person learns the laws of money, he will be able to balance his expenses and incomes.

When this condition is met, the "Lack of Financial security" alarm button in one’s mind will be deactivated and the "virus" will be defeated.

So far, we have talked a lot about your income.

But don’t you think that the main problem here lies in this most troublesome alarm button of "Lack of Financial Security" which was activated in our mind by the virus?

Such interpretation of data can cause objections among those who are not interested in finding the real reason and the understanding of people's integrity of the group.

Usually, with the integrity concept characterizes the bonds which unite people into groups and lead to the appearance of that new properties for the whole group not available to each person individually.

For example, such a group may have knowledge or technology that is inaccessible to one person.

We know how difficult it is to achieve the state of financial security alone, it is much easier to do together with other people in a group of like-minded people.

We at Global InterGold have the knowledge and technology of how to cope with the virus of “Lack of Financial Security" and how to free a person from the gloomy world of depression and anxiety.

We have done our part to make Financial Security possible. Now it is up to you whether or not you would like to use our knowledge and technology to achieve long-term safety and success. 


  • Presence of debts to be repaid

  • Danger to survival

  • Unprotected vital interests

  • Weakness in defending your interests

  • Acute threat of loss (property, living standards, etc.)

  • Depression or fear of losing everything you have

  • Impossibility to build long-term plans, set global goals

  • Limited thinking of “How to make both ends meet”

  • Lack of authority among others

  • Insecurity, self-doubt

  • The need to do things imposed (for example, most people are dependent on work, because without it they will have no source of income)

  • Expenses exceed revenues.

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Published: 29.06.2018
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Любовь Феденко
Любовь Феденко
Классная тема на сегодняшний день .Благодарю !!
Jul 11
Olga GGI
Olga GGI
Благодарю за прекрасный материал !!!Очень полезно
Jul 04
Gilberto Gonzalez G
Gilberto Gonzalez G
Tienen toda la razon si se puede lograr obtener libertad financiera como uds. Lo plantean
Jun 30
Clementa Caspe
Clementa Caspe
Thanks for this video and informations
Jun 30
Don Asty
Don Asty
So motivational. Financial security is very important an the best way to go about it is to invest in a secure company of which I believe globalintergold is one. The major challenge here is, one can only earn if he bring people to the company.
Jun 30
Надо с этим покончить раз и навсегда......
Jun 29
Безумно интересно. Только как добиться этой самой финансовой безопасности и научиться зарабатывать деньги.
Jun 29
javier con este negocio lo puedes hacer por internet. aqui te dejo mi link
Mar 12
Soy cubano y es una lastima no estar al dia y estar como en una burbuja,quisiera saber si existe algun negocio que yo pueda establecer por internet, desde aca
Nov 06