Physical Gold, the international growing trend of the 21st Century
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Physical Gold, the international growing trend of the 21st Century
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Origins and usages of gold.

Gold is said to be manna from heaven, though it turns out to be more true than just a simple expression. One theory holds that the collision of two neutron stars created gold among other metals which afterward impacted the Earth's surface. It is believed that most gold particles still remain in the core of the Earth.

In terms of its overall impact on the market, the usages of gold range from the field of industry, to medicine, including science, technology, jewelry, economy, etc. owing to its unique properties such as: high thermal and electrical conductivity, non-corrodability, high density, malleability, ductility, etc.

Why gold is lasting and a rewarding purchase?

What is worth noticing fact is that there is no known natural substance that can destroy gold, an idea that can be transferred to economy in a figurative sense. Gold is the protection of capital, hedge against inflation, a safe haven in times of geopolitical crisis and currencies devaluation, besides the profitable profit margin when prices increase.

In this regard, the usage and the benefits of investing and owning this precious metal guarantee the stability of its prices on the global market. Gold prices have remained steady for extended periods of time, though as far back as 1968, gold prices started to fluctuate more freely surprising positively those who own the precious metal. All it takes is one glance at the prices graphic from 2005 to notice the accelerated growth in gold prices.

Physical Gold Bars.

Were we to go more deeply into the possibilities to earn money with gold, we should touch upon the production of gold bars. Depending upon the manufacturing method, physical gold bars are classified into cast and minted.

Every gold bar bears the manufacturer or refiner engraved serial number and weight, together with the corresponding quality and authenticity certificate; gold fineness can be calculated by two international systems: millesimal fineness and carat.


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Published: 11.08.2015
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