Presentation of GIG-branded gold bars, tools, mobile app and orders for income acceleration at the Global Assembly 2016!

Rome was the venue selected for this high-level event, the city which witnessed the success of the Global Assembly on 30 April and 1 May at the 5-star Rome Cavalieri hotel.

Over 600 people from 33 countries were the first to know the latest novelties and future plans for Global InterGold.

What was the Global Assembly 2016?

The Global Assembly has been the major event of this Spring organized by the company. The event was held in Rome, Italy, and attracted a record number of guests from the following countries:

The event included:

Addresses by the company's management as well as by Global and Grand Leaders, the presentation of the new mobile application, Global InterGold-branded gold bars, the Client Gold Kit and the new GoldSet orders, the Miss & Mister Global InterGold contest, a VIP dinner, and many more unique moments!

Event's Opening: Mobile app for iOS and Android

The keynote speech was delivered by the company's vicepresident who was invited on stage by the hosts amid applause. The focal point of this speech was the importance to innovate in business and provide products and services that are tailored for the customers' wants.

Then, the vicepresident presented the first Global InterGold mobile app for iOS and Android. Utilizing the Live View Mode, he showed the Online Gold Shop's “pocket” version which will allow customers to access to the latest and most important information.

Download it for free:

For iOS

For Android

Business tool set to enhance customers' reliability and safety in backoffice

Following the mobile app, the attendees were attentive and full of expectation about the next novelties. The Vicepresident continued with the announcement of a new business tool named “Client Gold Kit” designed to work towards the goal of increasing the reliability and safety of customers when working with the company.

The Client Gold Kit includes:

  • Personal card with customers' UID and a high-quality gold bar.

  • Security codes card to access the back-office;

  • Instructions for use.

Soon available for customers!

Launch of Global InterGold-branded gold bars

“People conduct business with the Online Gold Shop all over the world, and of course we can not stand still. We are constantly developing our product. Our customers inspire us for new improvements. It is your work and your dedication that lead us to new achievements” stated firmly the Vicepresident.

Wearing white gloves, he showed the audience one of the new exclusive sets of gold bars with the Global InterGold's logo followed by a video on the big screen which showed the manufacturing of bars.

The room burst into applause! Customers are fully aware that the establishment of new tools represents a key opportunity to take the business to new levels. They found out, once again, that there are no limits with Global InterGold.

New GoldSet marketing programs to accelerate the business

The company strongly believes that in order to remain at the forefront you have to keep innovating. So when George Fuzesi, the Director of Development for Global InterGold, went on stage he shared more good news with the audience:

The company launches two new orders: GoldSet Global Pro and GoldSet Global Smart.

These new types of orders will allow customers to place orders for GIG-branded gold bars and receive income faster. Each customer will be able to achieve financial wins even faster than before!

The terms of these new orders will be included in the “GoldSet Program Terms and Conditions” on May 11. 

At the Global Assembly 2016 it was demonstrated once again the future of gold business

The company creates new revenue-generating opportunities, keeps pace with technological and market developments and improves the security of the Online Gold Shop.

These efforts, and the company's unique product, have led to a growing confidence among customers worldwide that the business with Global InterGold is stable.

The videos and photographies taken at the Global Assembly 2016 will be soon published in the official Global InterGold social networks. Discover the best moments of the event!


Coming soon: the most thrilling videos of both days and an article about the new business tools.


The whole world looks forward to more advances in gold busines!

It is time to step into action!


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Created: 12.05.2016
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