Presidential Support Program
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Presidential Support Program
Global InterGold


Evolution does not have a back motion - we continue our development daily.

The Global InterGold Presidential Support Program is a new stage in the company's development.

This is the most important tool that, with the help of simple, quick and understandable steps, will allow you to develop the structure, achieve success and earn.

The launch of the Presidential Support Program will be a central event at our main international conference in Munich.

We recently announced the "Successful Partner" campaign, which will help our customers to become participants of this program, and receive a special gift.

But the most important thing about this campaign consists in completely different matter.

A "Successful Partner" is a necessary preliminary condition for participating in the Presidential Support Program.


Only and Exclusively for those who will become a "Successful Partner" before the conference in Munich:

- Start in the Presidential Support Program   

- Special conditions in the Presidential Support Program

- Extended package of financial instruments   

- Privileged bonuses.

Be at the right time and in the right place.

The Presidential Support Program is a power amplifier of your gold business development. 


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Published: 21.09.2018
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