Protect and improve your personal economy in the Philippines
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Protect and improve your personal economy in the Philippines
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What are the main economic problems in the Philippines? A high unemployment rate and the concentration of wealth in the hands of a minority are some of the issues that do not let Filipinos improve their living standard.

How can any Filipino protect and improve his personal economy?

Economic problems in the Philippines

Despite the substantial economic growth back in 2010, poverty is deepening with thousands of Filipino families in need of suitable shelter, clothing, and food. In 2015, over 99 million people lived only on $5,000 a year – an insufficient quantity to cover the most basic expenses.

A minimum percentage of the population owns a large percentage of agricultural land, making farming more expensive for those less fortunate. Moreover, the tax system relies heavily on taxes from overseas Filipino workers. Besides, due to several recessions, money flow to the country has decreased during the last decades.

Social problems in the Philippines

The majority of the population has no access to a good education due to its high cost. Furthermore, the public education system does not guarantee a well-paid position after graduation.

Government corruption is another serious matter that mostly affects foreign investments: because of the unreliable image of the government, foreign investors switch their investment strategies to other countries. That translates into a poor infrastructure development that does not keep pace with the population growth.

What if Filipinos had a good opportunity to earn money?

They do have one great opportunity. Regardless of their social, economic and educational background, each Filipino can easily run a business with gold and create a stable source of income to attain a high living standard.

The Global InterGold company offers this opportunity to its clients, who protect and improve their personal economy and that of their families by building a professional career with gold.

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Published: 26.05.2017
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